Opposite Worlds
89 “See you soon...“
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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89 “See you soon...“

The next day arrived soon but for them, it was a long time, for they were eagerly waiting for the sun to rise and time seemed to pass slowly. The sun rose and they began their plan secretly. The tunnel that they had dug for so long was almost done and they already had the anesthesia injections, that they had stolen from the infirmary by injuring themselves intentionally. They were all set and just had to wait for the sun to set so that they could officially begin their escape plan.

The moment finally arrived, the dusk arrived and it started to get dark. Noah and Troy pretended to start a fierce fight and as the guards arrived to stop them, they smashed the needles into their shoulders and injected the anesthesia. They became unconscious within a few seconds and they placed those guards in their beds so that no one would get suspicious. They disguised themselves as the guards and walked out of their cells. They walked out of the prison easily, for the guards' shift was coming to an end. They escaped without anyone getting suspicious.

On the other side of the world, Aria was looking at the live video and watched them walk out of the prison confidently. Sam looked happy as his plan was succeeding and was eager to get out of the prison. She smiled at seeing at it and laid back on the chair.

"The war is finally starting again and this time you'll think that you're the boss while I'll be the puppet master..." She said and had an evil smirk on her face. No one knew what she was thinking but they were all pretty sure that it was pretty evil. "See you soon, baby." She said and got out of her chair and went to attend a meeting.

Noah and Troy got out of the prison successfully and quietly walked away from it, they first went to an old garage and got themselves cars that they could use later, After preparing everything, they went back to the prison but not inside, they stood quite far away from the building and started digging a hole, as they dug a few feets the soil fell itself and they finally saw the tunnel that they had used so many efforts to dig. The other few members of Sam's team, the ones who agreed to work with them, for many of his men left him after he failed miserably, got out through that hole along with Sam. He was relieved after breathing in the fresh air of the outside world. Their lives were pretty much stopped in the prison, as they didn't know anything that was happening outside. Thus they didn't what Meera had done and how much they had lost. They sent their followers to arrange other things and went to the palace to meet Mary and just be the leaders again. But they were shocked on reaching there. They saw the Rong Empire's flag outside the palace, they were surprised and confused. Sam asked one of his trusted workers what had happened and then they got to know that it was Rong Empire who ruled Asia now and he also gave them Mary's address. They reached there and saw that she lived in a small house and didn't have enough money to have a proper living. She was happy to see them back safe and without any injuries. She told them that they had lost everything, Aria had taken over the palace, agency, Sam's organizations, and even Asia. The public wasn't in their support and no one was ready to help them. They had technically already lost. But Sam was not ready to accept defeat, in fact, all this just angered him even more and he wanted to see her die sooner. He stood up and walked out of the house. The other two followed him and asked him for the next plan as earlier they had planned to use their power and tricks to defeat her but now they didn't have any power. They were as helpless as a beggar by the road.

"I'll make her suffer as much as she's making me suffer now," Sam said angrily.

Noah and Troy were silent as they didn't how to react. Troy knew that Sam was at a dead end now and that he was defeated but making her suffer was his obsession and now he couldn't accept defeat. Noah was just confused as he had never expected the story to take a new turn, he didn't expect her to be so cruel as he knew that she couldn't do such bad things. He was understanding that she had changed and deep down he knew that he made her do so. He was lost deep in thoughts when Sam started talking again.

"Meera, you'll see I'll be at the place you are right now cause I'm the one who made you sit there. You don't even deserve that. I'll take away what is mine. Just wait and watch." Sam said and Troy was kinda afraid as he knew that Sam's obsession was now turning into madness.

"Use all the money that we had hidden for an emergency," Sam ordered Troy.

"We're going to America as soon as possible." He said and the other two were shocked. Sam had a lot of money hidden at places no one could imagine and he was going to use it to revenge Meera.

"I don't care if I die this time but I won't stop without fighting." He said with fire in his eyes.

"See you soon, Meera." He said as he looked up at the sky and walked away...

What will Sam do this time?

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    《Opposite Worlds》