Opposite Worlds
88 The silence before the storm...
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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88 The silence before the storm...

*2 years later*

There was pitch black darkness and the sound of crickets could be heard in the prison. After not seeing anything suspicious the guards on duty went back to the control room. Little did they knew that it was only the silence before the storm that was going to destroy them all. Inside the prison, they all were planning to break out of the prison. It had been 2 years since they were locked inside those small cells. They finally had enough sources to get out and get their revenge.

"Tomorrow is the day..." Sam said to the others who were sitting in front of him.

"We're finally going to be out of this stupid prison tomorrow." He continued.

"What if we get caught?" Noah asked hesitantly while staring at the ground blankly.

"Look on the bright side, we can finally get our revenge and even if we get caught, at least she'll know that we won't stay quiet no matter how much she suppresses us," Sam told him. Troy was quiet, he wasn't in favor of all this but he was having no other choice but to go along with them.

They planned to make the guards unconscious and then disguise as them to get out of the prison, they had dug a tunnel in the ground that led them out of the prison. The ones that'll get ut by disguising as guards will get the others out as well and also prepare the resources that they'll need. It was a dangerous plan as one mistake could lead to failure of the whole plan and they were all kinda afraid except for Sam as all he saw was revenge and not the consequences of his decisions.

"You guys know what you have to do right?" Sam asked them for the last time. They all shook their head.

"Okay, we're gonna execute the plan tomorrow." He said and they all dismissed.

*Headquarters of Rong Empire, America*

"Mam, what are we gonna do about it?" Sofi asked hesitantly. She was standing next to Aria who was sitting in her office in front of the computer. The live recording of the prison was playing on the computer screen. They could hear what Sam was telling them and already knew their plan. Aria was quiet, her eyes were focussed on the computer screen. Her eyes were dark and Jimmy and Sofi who was standing beside her were kinda afraid of her as they couldn't figure out what she was thinking.

"Don't do anything." She said and they were shocked.

"What?" They both said at once.

"Mam, they'll try to hurt you again, we can't let them escape," Jimmy suggested.

"Just do whatever I say." She said, her voice a bit loud. They both were quiet again.

"I wanna see what you're capable of, how much more can you hurt, I'm not afraid to lose anything now." She said to herself after they left the room on her orders.

"What the hell happened two years ago?" Sofi asked as they both walked out of her office.

"She's a completely different person. She's so cold and we can't even figure out what she's thinking and she doesn't even bother to explain her plans to us." Jimmy said with a sigh.

The trio was also working under her. They also entered the room.

"You're back," Sofi said on seeing them walk towards them.

"Yeah, the issue was solved, we got the bait," George said as they returned from an auction.

"What were you guys talking about?" Issac asked them.

"About Aria?" Jimmy said.

"It seems as if she's not the same person anymore." Sofi continued.

"It's true..." Lewis said with a sigh.

They discussed it for a few minutes but couldn't conclude as to what triggered her to change so much. Many incidents happened in the past two years that proved that she was not herself, she fired many workers after coming back from Asia. Many employees lost their monthly salary for not doing the work properly and many people were threatened on her orders for not supporting the Rong Empire. She didn't even listen to other's suggestions and fired those who rebelled or just gave them a hard time. She was a lot more cruel and cold that even she, didn't recognize herself. She forgot who she was and just made it a habit to wear a mask. Will Noah believe it as well?


"It's finally happening..." Noah said as he took a deep breath.

"You sure you wouldn't regret this?" Troy asked him.

"I'm not actually. There's still a dilemma in my head and I can't just figure out what to do." He said and Troy looked surprised by his words.

"Then just don't do anything, you'll regret it in the end and I swear it'll kill you," Troy begged him.

"You believed me?" Noah said and a cunning smirk formed on his face. Troy was taken back by his words.

"I hate her, she took away my everything, I have to take my revenge." He said and Troy could feel his pain but still knew that it was wrong.

"I know how you feel that's why I not forcing you to stop but just promise me one thing..." He asked him and he nodded in response.

"The moment that what's happening or what you're doing is wrong, just stop, without a second thought." He said and Noah agreed and promised him.

They hugged each other the last time before the plan was finally executed. Their friendship grew a lot stronger in these two years as they shared many common interests and their cells were also together. Noah was curious to know why Troy regretted his decisions about betraying Meera for he knew that he was doing the same and Troy was keen on making him stop as he had felt that pain of losing her. Although Noah didn't stop, now there was a part of him who felt that she wasn't completely wrong. But the hatred was enough to overshadow that part.

She knows about their plan already but isn't stopping them, what do you think is her next plan? what'll happen when they finally come face to face?

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    《Opposite Worlds》