Opposite Worlds
87 Start of a new story
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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87 Start of a new story

The two lovers who had fought against the whole world have now turned into haters. There are now enemies who are ready to kill each other at first sight. But is that love completely vanished? Is the love, they agreed to die for, ended just because of some misunderstandings? Maybe yes, maybe not.

Noah was manipulated by Sam as we all know but it also happened because he needed a reason to run away from the truth that he was a criminal. He had broken everyone's trust, his father, sister, and especially Meera for have given up on their love. And thus just chose to run away rather than facing the reality or apologizing to them. He did love her but when all the blames that Sam put on her proved right he started to give up and slowly his love turned into hate.

Meera, she loved him a lot but the sudden change in Noah reminded her of the pain she got in her past, she was betrayed again. She felt stupid and thus chose to kill her soft side, wear a mask of cruelty. She knew Noah was manipulated but she was tired of fighting for his trust and finally chose to give up on their love. She gave up and turned into a different person, for Noah was the only thing keeping her who she was. She turned to a cruel person, Aria. As we know at the start she was kind but now she's not for she knows how much pain she has suffered and how many betrayals she got in the past and thus she is keen to get revenge. She is keen to make those suffer who hurt her. Meera is still present in her but she is hopeless and has no reason to live on. No reason to keep on waiting for a person who already changed. Noah was the one who hurt Meera the most and this Aria hated him more than anyone else.

There is a thin line between love and hate and they both had crossed it already. The more they loved each other the more their hate increased. It was a fire that was going to burn them both down. Or will it make them immerse in one another?

Love was what separated them, made them hate each other, and now hate is what'll bring them closer. They know each other the way they never did before. They'll fall in love again without even realizing but the circumstances will stop them from being together. The jealousy in their heart will be seen in their actions. The love in their eyes will make them go to any extend.

Will their love win this time or will they keep on hating each other? Will they change each other into who they actually are, removing all the layers of the masks they wear? Or will they just trust these masks?

A new character will be added, but not so soon when this war will come to an end and it'll be the one that'll bring them closer. Any guesses who'll it be?

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    《Opposite Worlds》