Opposite Worlds
86 A ray of hope
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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86 A ray of hope

Sam and all others who worked for him were arrested and put in jail. All the news channels were talking about the sudden revelation of secrets and the Rong Empire taking over Asia. Well, no one was against this, cause no one dared to. All those who tried to rebel were ignored cause the others knew that it was like asking for death, cause the Rong Empire was capable of anything, they could easily make anyone vanish and not even care.

Several reported interviewed Aria after this, and her words moved everyone. She didn't tell about her past though, for it was something she wanted to get rid of completely. She told them that although the Rong Empire was capable of anything, they didn't intend to hurt anyone unless it was huge trouble, and taking over Asia was for good as earlier it was being controlled by criminals. The public agreed with her as The Rong Empire didn't have any bad records in the past.

All were in favor of Aria and Sam was defeated badly and could see no way to reach back to light. He was captured in a dark prison cell and was sometimes starved to death. He was angry and wanted to get out of the prison and kill Aria as revenge. But he had no way out as the security of the prison was tight for the most dangerous criminals were kept in it. But somehow he was allowed to talk to the others.

"I warned you from the start..." Sam said as he stood beside Noah who was staring at the wall blankly. His wounds were treated and were started to heal slowly.

"You never listened to me, now see she destroyed us." He said but got no response.

"You wanted to be free and love her, now see you lost your family, your power, everything just because of that girl." He said and was just waiting for the fire to start. He wanted to break out of the prison and Noah was his best shot for he needed him the most.

"Noah, are you even listening to me... you can't just sit here and act like a dead person, you gotta do something to get back on her. She took away everything. She destroyed me, we have to make her pay for all of this..." He said and shook his arm.

"You're saying as if you never did anything to her." (We all wish that Noah said this but no... I'm sorry) Troy said and stood beside them.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sam asked and glared at him.

"You were the one who made her life miserable. You are the bad guy and you're pretending to be the victim." Troy said and wanted to expose his true side to Noah but Sam interrupted him.

"Are your feelings for her returning somehow? Don't tell me… you still love her?" Sam said and was intending to anger Noah somehow. Troy rolled his eyes as he was so fed up with his tricks.

"You know the truth better than anyone?" He said and stepped closer to him. Sam was kinda afraid of him as he knew that if his truth was exposed Noah would go back to Meera.

"And the truth is that she is a devil," Noah said and glared at Troy, his eyes piercing through his soul.

"But Noah you know her?" Troy said.

"No, I don't. I don't know that girl anymore. She tried to kill me." Noah said in denial.

"You deserved that, you hurt her so much." He said but his words weren't working on him.

"No, she deserved all the pain that she's ever got and you know what, that isn't enough, she has to pay for all the things that she's done," Noah said and there was hate in his eyes. Troy was afraid that this hate would destroy Noah himself.

"You didn't even try to know her, you don't know her pain, the things she's been through. All you see is the girl standing strongly in front of you with a gun, but you don't see that broken girl inside of her." Troy said and was helpless.

"You're saying all this… remember Troy, you tried to kill her." Noah reminded him.

"I was manipulated and I didn't have any other choice and I regret it more than anything. I regret that I left her alone at her weakest point and I regret that I let her suffer all alone but I don't want you to commit the same mistake. I don't want you to regret your own decisions just like I do…" Troy said and lowered his head as he was feeling guilty for all the bad deeds that he did under the influence of Sam. But he didn't have any other options, Sam was all he had as a family, he didn't want to lose it and he had to do something to repay his deeds so Sam asked him to obey his orders.

"I won't ever regret cause I don't have any feelings left for her as you do," Noah said and walked away in anger.

"You just made my job easy," Sam said and clapped.

"I'll take all that you said as nonsense," Sam said and grabbed his neck. "If you dare betray me, you know I can destroy you completely. You don't wanna lose the only family you have right?" Sam asked with dark expressions and almost chocked him.

Troy nodded and Sam finally let go of him. He coughed loudly and Sam just walked past him. He went to talk to Noah and finally got him involved in his plan. Troy didn't want to be by his side but he had no other option.

They had started planning their next move and were aiming to destroy Meera completely. But there was still a little hope that wasn't in their favor and was still the same but that ray was already captured in darkness. Will it survive this pitch-black darkness?

Meera… I mean Aria on the other side was going back to America. The others were shocked as she wasn't her old self anymore. She was a lot colder and quieter. They were worried as she didn't even speak properly and kept her thoughts to herself.

Will their feelings still stay as time passes or will they fade away? Will a new war start? Will they meet again? Will the love still be there or it'll just be hate?

(God even I have so many questions! I'll clear them slowly so... See you in the next volume from next week. Sorry for the irregular updates though but I'll try to make it stable cause my work is finally completing. Do let me know your thoughts on the story. Bye!! \u003c3)

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    《Opposite Worlds》