Opposite Worlds
85 Hate you cause I love you
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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85 Hate you cause I love you

They both had their guns pointed at one another, not even thinking of lowering it. They both were determined on ending this now but he wanted his answers first. He wanted to know why she did this.

"What! You wanna kill me just like you killed my father?" He asked.

"Will you believe me if I say I didn't kill him?" She asked to see if he was still the old Noah.

"You want me to still believe you after you hurt me so many times." He asked and laughed at her foolishness.

"I never did anything to hurt you." She said in her defense.

"You always tried to hurt my family and put my life in danger. You never truly loved me Meera." He said and had pain in his eyes. She started laughing after hearing his words.

"Hurt your family, I risked my life for you so many times. I didn't even want this relationship in the first place cause I knew how messed up my life was and I didn't want you to get involved in this cause I knew it would only hurt you. But you never listened to me and developed a relationship with me. You made me believe in love but you never believed me, even a single thing could make you question me. Noah a relationship is built on trust and you never trusted me." She said and sounded helpless, her words had pain but he was heartless at that moment.

"You pushed me to hell Meera, and never even looked back. Have you ever thought about my feelings? Do you even think that I'll feel worthless by your actions?" He said.

"Wow, I always considered your feelings Noah and always tried not to hurt or let you get hurt in any way. You always brought danger on me, you know you're stupid, you'll believe the whole world except me and the same is happening now. Have you ever considered my feelings? Don't you ever think about what I'll feel from your actions, your words?" She said and her voice cracked as she was on the verge of crying.

"No, I never do that, cause you don't deserve it, you're a devil and you don't deserve to live, you don't deserve any love or caring. You burn everyone who comes closer to you..." He said with anger in his eyes.

She laughed out loud at hearing his words, she lowered her gun and her actions confused him. She was feeling stupid for thinking that he would still be the same, for convincing herself that he was the guy who loved her a lot. But in this relationship, she was the only one who ever loved, he did love her but it wasn't deep enough to go against the world for her. He didn't trust her at all and for him she was just an excuse to run away from reality, that he was going to do something that he didn't want to, become the king. She was different from everyone and thus he was attracted to her. She was the only one who gave and got hurt at the end.

"I'm such an idiot." She said and looked at him.

"You're right baby, I'm a devil." She said and her expressions changed, she had that dark aura that scared him a bit.

"A person becomes a devil when he is hurt too much and he decides to take revenge, decides to hurt them all with double the pain that they gave him." She said and started walking around him. She took out a knife from her boot.

"And if you want me to be a devil, I won't disappoint you my love." She said and stabbed the knife in his leg. He groaned in pain and fell on one knee.

"You never think about the consequences of your actions, right?" She said and now facing him, her one hand on his shoulder.

"But don't worry I'll make you pay for all the bad deeds you ever did in your life." She said and stepped back.

"You can't." He said confidently.

"And why do you think so?" She asked him.

"Cause you love me, and you don't hurt the person you love." He said and she laughed again.

"Oh, baby can't you see that I'm not the same girl anymore. Can't you see this evil aura around me?" She asked him and he was speechless as it was true. She just changed within a second.

"The girl in front of you is Aria and the one you love is Meera. And guess what? I killed her today..." She said coldly, he got shivers after seeing those deadly eyes and dark expression.

"She was the cause of all the kindness in me... so I killed her today cause the only thing keeping her alive was you, but you hate her so she died today. Now, the one you see is Aria Rong and she's pure evil." She said with dark eyes.

"And thanks to you for all this, you helped me kill her, kill at the love for you, and all of the kindness." She said and he was now afraid of her.

"What nonsense are you saying?" He asked after gathering some courage.

"It's not nonsense, it's the truth you killed the girl you loved today." She said and came close to him, staring deeply into her eyes, and all he saw in them was hate.

"You know what I hate because I love you. I love but you always give me pain so I hate you. And I'm a very fair person." She said and walked behind him.

"I always make them pay who gives me pain." She said and flicked the knife across his back, making a huge cut and he hissed in pain.

"You gotta pay for what you did." She said coldly and flicked the knife on his arms and back. He fell after a few cuts.

"So weak!" She complained.

"But don't worry baby, there's a long punishment waiting for you." She said and sat in front of him. He picked up his gun and shot at her but she dodged it easily.

"One should learn from his own mistakes." She said tilting her head and shot on his arm. He groaned in pain.

Suddenly the door of the suite was opened and footsteps were heard. They were approaching her room.

"I'll wish that I won't see you again, cause I hate you more than anyone." She said and the door of her room opened.

It was the police who had entered the room. They had come to capture him.

"We're sorry miss for being late." One of the officers said and she nodded. They handcuffed him and took him away.

All the secrets and the crimes that Sam and anyone from his organization committed had been exposed to the public and their location was given to the police. All their possessions were taken away and they were left with nothing and ended up in jail. Sam was defeated even after winning his biggest pawn cause he wasn't her weakness anymore and she already knew his biggest secret. Everyone that Sam knew was either bribed or threatened not to contact him and everything that he owned, the XX agency, his organization, the palace was taken over by the Rong Empire. The Rong Empire got the rule over Asia after he went to jail. Even if he tried, he couldn't rise back at all cause he was left with no resources.

The war had come to an end and he was defeated badly and it had changed Meera completely, she became coldhearted now. Will it be the end of their story?

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    《Opposite Worlds》