Opposite Worlds
84 Love is selfless...
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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84 Love is selfless...

*In the hotel*

"Ari, we are done with all the research and we have found all the proofs. We just need your orders and everything will be put to an end." Sofi asked her and everyone stared at her hesitantly.

They all were sitting in the study and they had computers working, pages printing, and piled of documents in front of them. They already knew the decision that she was going to take but were also aware that it would break her completely as after this Noah would hate her forever. She wasn't only putting an end to this war but also their love story.

"Execute it as soon as possible." Meera said at once without hesitating. She was sitting in front of them, her eyes red, hair a little messed up and her hands shaky. She was weak after being hurt for so long but was still determined to end it.

"Meera are you sure about this?" Lewis asked her carefully.

"Yeah, you should think it over once." Isaac suggested.

"I've given my orders already." She said coldly and walked away.

She went back into her room, which she had come out for just a few minutes after hours of locking herself inside. They sighed as she left.

"It was just a plan B. She thought she could end it with a fight and just destroying his possessions. But no one knew Noah would step back at the peak point." Sofi said and was staring aimlessly at the pages piled up in front of her.

"I can't even imagine how broken she is right now." Jimmy said and everyone agreed.

"She loved him more than anything and was her only hope after gaining memory. You know what, The Rong Empire was important just to Aria and there was nothing else she knew but for Meera, Noah is the most important person. She left immediately after planning out everything." Sofi said.

"But turned away even after everything she did for him." Lewis said in a bit angry tone.

Suddenly Jimmy's phone beeped and he was shocked by seeing the message that he got. He rushed towards her room anxiously.

"What happened?" They all asked.

He knocked on the door of her room which was closed for some time now. She opened the door after a few knocks.

"What's wrong?" She asked, her voice a bit low.

"David... He's dead." He said. They all shocked by hearing it.

"What!!" They exclaimed but Meera was pretty calm as she knew something was going to happen, Sam couldn't just sit quietly after being defeated so badly.

"An attack happened on the palace, the guards were down, David was dead and Mary was injured," He informed them. "It was all caused by Sam."

"But why?" Lewis asked. "What will he get after killing his most trusted person?"

"Noah's trust." Meera said suddenly. They were confused.

"What do you mean?" Isaac asked.

"He killed David so he could say that I killed him and he left Mary alive as a witness of the whole attack. He wants Noah on his side and it'll happen only when he hates me enough to kill me without hesitation." She explained.

"What are we gonna do now?" Lewis asked.

"Noah is on the move, he's coming here." Sofi said as she checked his location.

"What now?" Isaac asked.

"Execute the plan now. I'll try to convince him if still resolute, he's going down with Sam." She said and walked towards the room where they had kept all their weapons.

"But you love him Meera, you'll only hurt yourself more this way." Sofi said and tried to convince her not to do so.

"I'm doing this to save him from hell that awaits him if he stays here." She said leaving her speechless.

"Also, Love is selfless. I'm happy as long as he's alive." She said and loaded her gun.

*At the palace*

Noah walked out of the palace in anger with a gun in his hand which he had kept with himself for his safety. He entered the car that Troy had drove to the palace and slammed the door loudly and drove it out of the palace at high speed to the hotel in which Meera was staying.

A lot of thoughts popped up in his mind on his way to the hotel. He felt like he was wrong for blaming her for everything and felt like it was she who was suffering the most. But then he thought of the things that she had done to him (which were done by Sam and he put the whole blame on her). He thought that it was him who had suffered the most, he was the one who had given up his freedom while she was living a leisure life as the princess of the Rong Empire. He was the one who was suffering from mental issues and was forced to become a serial killer but in the end, she betrayed him anyways. He ran away with her but it only brought trouble on him and he had to risk his life multiple times. His life was changed completely due to her and she easily got out of the killing world. He finally felt like he wasn't wrong.

He wasn't completely wrong he had suffered but he was only seeing his problems. What he was looking for was how she affected his life so all he saw were the flaws and not the happy moments he spent with her. He didn't think about how much messed up her life was and she was suffering a lot more than him and was the only one who was sacrificing everything.

He finally reached the hotel and walked inside it. There were bodyguards all around but no one stopped him even though he had a gun in his hand, he found it strange. Little did he knew that it was Meera's orders not to stop him. He walked towards their suite and kicked the door open. There was no one, all the others had gone out as they were executing the final plan and it was dangerous to be there. He stepped towards Meera's room slowly and opened the room with his gun pointed in front. What he saw was Meera standing right in front of him in black clothes and her hair tied in a ponytail, she had a gun in her hand which was pointed at him.

They both held each other at gunpoint, one move and it all ends here...

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    《Opposite Worlds》