Opposite Worlds
83 Lost in delusions
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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83 Lost in delusions

Sam called Noah as he walked out of the palace and told him that Meera had hired men to attack the palace for she wanted to get back on him for leaving her side and due to the attack, David was killed, the bodyguards around the palace were also shot and Mary was injured as well.

Noah was still in the same area as others and Troy, they all were planning the next step but now something unexpected had happened. Noah couldn't even imagine that she could do anything like this. He knew that she wasn't someone who would kill anyone to get her revenge cause he was still aware of the reality and his bad actions but this news had changed everything. The tables had turned now, Meera was the villain, and Sam according to him, was the victim. This news was proof that the lie that Noah had weaved was indeed the reality and she was the kind of person that everyone said, heartless and cruel, and was the actual villain indeed.

Sam always told him that no matter how much he loved her, she would still betray him in the end and she did. He felt stupid for loving her blindly and being betrayed by her like this. Little did he knew that this all was just a trap set up by Sam to make him believe that his delusions were indeed the reality and he had walked into it without even realizing and was now stuck in darkness and no turning back from here.

Sam wanted Noah to be just like him. He wanted him to have the same passion for power as he did and for this Meera was an obstacle in his way. Also, Meera would be devastated if Noah turned against her so he was killing two birds with one stone.

Noah asked Troy to go with him to the palace as Sam had asked him to bring him along. They both drove there and were shocked when the palace came in sight. There was blood everywhere, many bodyguards were killed, bloodstains on the walls on the palace. The palace had turned into a death place within a night. When they entered the palace, the bodyguards, who used to stand on the main door, were lying on the floor with blood all over them. As they walked further, the glass objects were broken, many objects were fallen on the floor, and bullets were stuck on the walls. They finally entered the lobby and Noah's heart sank on seeing the scene there. David was lying on the sofa, dead, his eyes still opened and were fixed at the window, as Sam was standing there earlier. The windows were broken and glass was scattered all over the floor. Noah froze where he was standing, he didn't have the energy to move any further. His world crumbled on seeing David dead and all his last hopes were broken on knowing that it was Meera who had done this. He stepped back as he was terrified at the sight of his father as he felt as if he was blaming him for doing all this to him. Well, David was blaming someone the moment he died but it wasn't Noah for sure but himself. He was blaming himself for not seeing Sam's true colors, for forgetting that he was so cruel and could do anything to win and he was regretting that he couldn't tell Noah about this and he would be fooled again by Sam, he would hate the girl who loves him the most, he was regretting that his decisions had destroyed Noah's life. But there was nothing he could do as he was already seeing the face of death.

Noah was standing there blank, he didn't know how to react as he was completely broken. He felt a hand on his shoulder and when he looked in that direction it was Sam and behind him was Mary, she was crying bitterly and had a wound on her arm. She hugged Noah tightly and sobbed, told him what had happened and how Meera had destroyed their life. It was Sam obviously who had told her to say so, fill his mind with hatred for her. Troy was standing in a corner observing everything. Sam asked him to follow him.

"She didn't do anything, did she?" He asked as they walked away from them. Sam turned around and looked at him, he had a smile on his face, a smile of victory.

"You did all this." Troy said and grabbed his head.

"You're getting better." Sam complimented him.

"How can you kill him so casually, only to make Noah believe in a lie?" He asked him, his voice a little louder.

"It's not a lie." Sam said and acted like a victim.

"Of course it's a lie, she never did anything wrong with you, it was you who's obsessed with her, who wanted to destroy her because you still can't let go of the past." Troy said and his words annoyed Sam as he was telling the truth. He blamed her for what happened in the past cause Aaron, the real cause of it, was dead and she was his only daughter.

"Yeah, so what I can do anything I want and you can't do anything about it, cause the moment you try to you'll have the same fate as David and you know it better than me." Sam threatened him. Troy had no other option but to obey him as he was the only person he knew since childhood, he had no family and no home to return to. Sam walked past him, towards Noah.

Noah was standing silently watching David's dead body from a distance. Sam patted his shoulder.

"She went a little overboard this time." He said and was blowing the fire to make it rise higher.

"A little? She has made my life hell." Noah asked in anger. Sam smiled a little as his plan had worked the fire was rising slowly.

"She killed my father!" He said and anger had taken over him.

He was blaming himself at first while others around him were blaming her and when someone tried to protect her, his anger rose cause everyone blaming her was kinda comforting him, as it reminded him that he didn't do anything wrong and Sam's words triggered his anger. He finally spoke up and it was all to blame her for what had happened. The biggest reason that made Noah fall into Sam's trap was that he didn't want to pay for his actions, he didn't want to be punished for what the deeds he had done and put the blame on someone else.

"I'll make her pay for what she did. I'll kill her!!" He said in anger and left the room. They tried to stop him but he didn't listen to anyone cause in anger he wasn't even hearing himself. Sam smiled as he walked out of the door in anger and a gun in his hand as it was his victory.

They were all puppets in Sam's play and he was playing with their lives whatever way he wanted. They were puppets who didn't have the right to do anything of their choice and if they did they'd face death. The only person who had ever escaped from this prison was Meera and she was the only one who could put an end to it. And that was happening next but will it be the actual end or start of a new war...

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    《Opposite Worlds》