Opposite Worlds
82 Never in the same picture
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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82 Never in the same picture

"It all ends here..." She said and everyone was shocked by hearing her words and the amount of pain they had in them. They were confused and surprised. They didn't know what she meant by all this ending there, was she going to end her feelings for them.

"What do you mean?" Isaac asked her hesitantly.

"Meera think twice before taking any rash decisions." Sofi suggested to her.

Meera was sitting on the floor helplessly, her head dropped and was just staring at the floor blankly, it was hard to understand what she was thinking. She took a deep breath and stood up, her eyes were red and her hand was bleeding non-stop. She wiped away her tears and looked back at them.

"Execute the final plan... Now." She said and her expressions were dark, there were no feelings in her eyes, she looked similar to a dead person at that point. Well, at this point she was nothing but a dead person, for all the feeling inside her had died today.

Jimmy and Sofi gasped when she said this. They were shocked and wanted her to take her words back.

"Ari, think about this first." Sofi said and walked towards her but she started walking away, towards her room.

"Ari, please think again, you'll regret it afterward." Jimmy said and they both had almost reached her but she slammed the door shut on their face.

"Ari... please think it through." Sofi said and placed her head on the door helplessly.

"What the hell is the final plan?" Lewis asked and they both were confused at their reaction to her words.

"Something that can completely destroy them all..." Jimmy said with a cold expression.

They didn't want this to happen as they knew it would hurt Meera the most, even though it was her own plan. They didn't want her to take any rash decision but they had no option but to obey her orders.

*Inside her room*

She slammed the door shut and leaned on it, she slowly slid down on the floor. At this point, she was completely broken, she didn't know what to do. Her hands were shaking and her breathing was fast. She was feeling dizzy and everything became blurry. She slowly pulled herself up. She slowly walked towards her bed, as she reached there, she searched her drawer and pulled out a small box, it was anxiety pills. She took a few pills in her hand and swallowed them with water. She plopped onto the bed at once. She was lying on her back, her hand on her forehead and her eyes closed. Her breathing was fast but it slowed down after some time. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling.

"It's time to end this pain now." She said slowly, and her hands were clenched tightly as if her own words were hurting her. She was hurting but she knew she had to do this, if not for herself then for him...

* A few hours ago, at the Palace*

Mary and David were the ones present in the palace with a number of guards surrounding them. They both knew what had happened with Sam and Noah and they were kinda scared of what Meera was going to do next. Mary was walking back and forth in the lobby, cursing on Noah for believing a girl like Meera. David was sitting on the sofa in front of her, he was suggesting her to calm down and that they all were safe for the time being.

Suddenly the main door opened and someone walked in, they both looked in that direction. It was Sam who had come to visit them.

"Oh, it's you," Mary sighed. "I thought it was that witch Meera." She said and Sam smiled.

"It'll be her end soon." Sam said and sat down beside David.

"I heard he finally left her side." David said and Sam looked at him.

"He finally saw her real colors, I told him a thousand times earlier but he wouldn't listen. I had to act so pity in front of him all this while in order to change his opinions about her." Mary said and sat in front of them.

"It kinda worked." Sam assured her.

"But he is still kinda doubtful." Sam said and stood up, they both looked at him in confusion. "We have to show him proof to clear his confusion."

"What can we do for you?" Mary asked.

"Nothing..." Sam said and took a few steps back from where they were sitting.

Suddenly there was a loud thud leading to numerous other ones, a number of bullets were fired at them and had entered the room, breaking all the windows. They all closed their eyes as a reflex to the sudden attack and when they opened then, the guards on the door were lying in front of them, they were shot dead and were covered in blood. Mary was shot on the arm and was groaning in pain. After a few seconds, the same thud was heard again and this time the bullet was fired on David. It stuck near his heart and he fell backward.

"You just have to die." Sam said and smiled.

"W...hy did you do this?" David asked weakly.

"I told you, he was doubtful..." Sam said and sat in front of him. "He still knows that he's wrong and Meera is doing the right. I just have to make him believe that he's right about her that she's a cruel heartless girl. What another way is better than killing the person he loves the most and telling him that she did it..." Sam said and smiled cunningly.

"Dad..." Mary sobbed as she watched her father die in front of her but there was nothing she could do as the person sitting beside her was a true devil.

"You know what to do right?" He said and pointed a gun in her head. "If you don't, I won't mind killing you just like him and end this matter at once." He said and she nodded while controlling her tears and covering her mouth with her hands.

"I'll do as you say." She said through her sobs.

David had passed away and was killed by the person he trusted the most.

"Oh, Meera..." Sam said to himself as he walked out of the palace. "You lost today, he'll hate you more than anyone now and the enemy of an enemy is a friend so he'll obviously be by my side. He'll do anything I say. You lost the person you love the most completely. I won today..." He said loudly and was very excited about his victory. He then called Noah to inform him about what "Meera" had done...

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    《Opposite Worlds》