Opposite Worlds
81 It all ends here
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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81 It all ends here

The others left the room after Meera gave them orders on what they had to do. She also went to her room and did the work of the company. She was quite all along and was thinking of what the truth would be. There were a thousand thoughts that came to her mind about how, Sam, Troy, and Noah were connected. She had a strange feeling about it and started feeling suffocated. The huge room that she was sitting in seemed like a small box that she was locked in as a child by Sam. She knew what this feeling was and wanted it to go away as soon as possible as this was what made her weaker. She washed her face and continued her work for a long time without even realizing how many hours went by.

*After a few hours*

She came out of her room and saw them all working to find the information. She went into George's room to check on him. She stayed there for a long time as it was really peaceful.

She was sitting beside George, who was lying unconsciously on the bed and was just staring at the ceiling blankly. She was thinking about what she had gone through till now. Troy and Noah were both important parts of her life and at some point, they both had comforted her and encouraged her to be her better self but then had stabbed her in the back at the end.

She was afraid of knowing the truth for she was kinda guessing what it was and it scared her. Her face was straight but her hands were trembling. She felt anxious and wanted to shout but was trapped inside herself for she had this role to play a strong girl, and crying was a sign of weakness. She just clenched her fist tightly, trying to calm herself and her heart for it had started racing so fast. The anxiousness she felt, she couldn't tell anyone about it as no one could understand her feeling for they looked upon her and she didn't want to let them down by showing her weaker side, a part of her that was afraid of knowing the truth as she knew it would destroy her completely, the last bit of kindness and love she had in herself, it would destroy it all.

She felt a slight sensation in her hand and when she looked down, she saw that it was George's hand that was moving and touching her hands, he was gaining consciousness. He opened his eyes slowly and blinked a few times to adjust to the light and then looked at her.

She was sitting on the chair with her legs crossed, wearing a cream dress, her hair tied into a bun for she was working this whole time. She smiled at him, a kinda fake smile. He held her hand and squeezed it.

"Don't stress." He said weakly and she smiled and caressed his hand.

"I'm not." She said to comfort him. "How are you feeling?"

"Better after the long sleep." He replied to her and chuckled.

"Good. I'm going to check on what they've found." She said and was trying to get away as she knew that he could see right through her if she stayed any longer.

"Meera, don't run away from your feelings so much that you turn into a completely different person." He said and she froze on hearing his words.

"I know that." She lied with a fake smile again and went out.

She went to the lobby where everyone else was. They were making phone calls, reading articles, and searching footages from the past.

"How's it going?" She asked them as she walked closer to where they were sitting.

"Pretty good. For now, we know that Sam used to go to a lot of bars and hooked up with a lot of women after your mom started dating your dad. He got a girl pregnant and she gave birth to twins but he left them after that. We still have to find for the rest of the years.?" Sofi said as she read all the information from the laptop.

"Forget about the rest of the years, find out where those twins are." Meera said and they were confused as her sudden orders.

"How will that help?" Jimmy asked.

"Sam is not the kind to leave someone so easily, he'll not leave until he uses them completely." She explained. "Find who they are and where are they right now." She said and they nodded.

She was doing some other research about the company while the others were working to find the information. Lewis and Isaac were injured and were thus just assisting them.

After some more hard work and research, they finally starting finding clues about Sam's sons. They dug more into it and were shocked when they found out their names and photos. At that very moment, Meera stepped into the room. They all were nervous and she was sure that something was wrong by seeing the look on their faces.

"What happened?" She asked them as she put her phone and laptop on the table. They didn't speak anything and just looked at each other's faces.

"Guys, what happened, why are you acting so weird?" She asked them again.

"Um... Ari, we... we found out about the Twins." Sofi said hesitantly. They all knew how much it would hurt her but they couldn't keep it from her forever.

"And what did you see that you all decided to seal your lips?" She asked and snatched Sofi's laptop.

She started reading the report that she had made from the information that they gathered.

"Let's see... that girl's name was Emily... Sam captured her, totally expected from him. She gave birth to twins, but they didn't look alike... interesting. They were named... " She said the important points of the report and scrolled down on the page.

"... Troy and Noah..." She said and stopped, she saw their childhood picture below and they were the same boys as the photo that she found in her old house.

"Sam trained them from a young age..." She continued after a deep breath. She was already expecting something like this and she couldn't let her feelings take over her again.

"Meera you don't have to do this, just say it, don't hide the pain." Lewis said and they were all worried about her.

"I have to finish this as I'm the last one to know about it..." She said and continued reading the report.

"He gave Noah to David and told him to train as he was a lot weaker than Troy. And when he killed the king, he made David the king because he wanted his son, Noah to have control over the empire so that indirectly it would be in his hands. He trained Troy and then framed his death to keep him underground... away from everyone... as a secret weapon..." She said and the report finished.

She smiled and stood up but there was only pain in her eyes.

"Meera..." Isaac said hesitantly.

"How come I didn't guess it earlier?" She said and looked at them, they all were speechless.

"They both are his sons how that hell can I not guess that..." She said in anger and picked up the glass vase that was kept on the table on her left and threw it on the wall with great force to vent out her anger. It shattered in million pieces, just like her trust.

"They're all the same..." She said and grabbed her head as she was starting to get a headache now.

"Ari... please..." Sofi said and stood up to comfort her but they stopped her as it was better for her to let out all her frustration rather than let it kill her slowly.

"How can he just play with my whole damn life?" She asked and was frustrated as she felt as if her whole life was just a lie.

"Maybe because I loved them right..." She asked them and they didn't know what to say to comfort her at this point. The people she loved were now all her enemies, sons of the person who destroyed her completely.

"But..." She said and squatted down, the glass was scattered all over the floor. "It all ends here now..." She said and grabbed broken glass in her hand and clenched her fist tightly. Her hand started bleeding badly but it seemed as if she couldn't feel any pain. The emotional pain that she was feeling was a lot more painful than this physical pain...

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    《Opposite Worlds》