Opposite Worlds
80 A step closer to the truth
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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80 A step closer to the truth

"Pease forgive us, Meera..." Lewis and Isaac said and kneeled in front of her.

She felt that it wasn't even their fault for they were blackmailed by Sam. They had to deceive her or he would have killed their family but still, they tried to help her because they cared for her. She squatted down in from of them.

"You guys, I never blamed you for anything, you don't have to apologize. It wasn't your fault." She said and hugged them. She asked them to get up.

"Thank you so much, Meera." They said and looked at her. They finally realized that they always wanted to be on her side and support her and now they finally got the courage to do what was right.

"What happened to George and what are all these injuries?" She asked them after they calmed down.

"Sam ordered his men to torture us out of anger and he wanted to get back on you." Lewis told her.

"As for George... he was shot and... um, It was Noah..." Isaac said hesitantly.

"My god!" She said and grabbed her head in frustration. "I thought he was just uncertain about his decision for so much happened within a day, and would come to his senses after some time. But this guy..." She said and was a bit frustrated.

"All of a sudden he said he hated you. What the hell took place in just one day?" Isaac inquired her.

"I wanna ask you guys, what went on in all these years?" She asked them and was a little stressed.

"Ari, calm down, don't stress yourself. You guys should sit down first." Sofi said as she joined the room after hearing their discussion.

They sat down on the sofa and they both explained to her what happened to him all these years. They confessed that after any mission or assassination, Noah felt a sense of contentment and unbelievably he did kinda enjoy torturing people, seeing them plead him for mercy, he felt pride. Troy and Noah had a lot in common but they were both very competitive and interfered in each other's work and thus didn't like each other.

"I think Noah would have easily agreed to proceed that life if you didn't come back or even if he wasn't forced." Lewis said and Meera was lost deep in thoughts.

"God!" She groaned and threw her head back on the sofa.

"What the hell did he do to himself? Such an idiot." She complained and they were confused by her words.

"What do you mean?" Sofi asked her.

"As you said he was enjoying it, it was because his life entirely transformed and he liked that he was adventuring new things every day. But when I came back, he reminisced of reality, he realized that it wasn't where he belonged and what he was doing is wrong. But he liked that lie that he was living in, and unexpectedly he was ready to give up anything to just stay in that illusion. He framed a new lie to comfort himself that he was doing that right thing and I was wrong, it was me who did all the bad things and Sam was the victim. This lie freed him from all the guilt that was eating him from inside and he started believing that it was a reality for he found it better than the bitter truth. He is running away from reality again to live in a hallucination. His desires took over him just like what happened with Sam." She explained and they all nodded as they understood the whole scene now.

"So it's clear, Noah is not on our side now and we have to fight against him as well." Lewis said and looked everyone to get any response and they nodded.

"No, it's not clear yet." She declared and they looked at her with uncertain faces.

"There are a lot of secrets yet to be discovered." She said and stood up.

"Like?" Isaac asked.

"The relation between Sam and Noah." She said and they were confused.

"How are they connected?" Lewis inquired.

"They have too much in common, it's as if history is repeating itself." She said and started walking back and forth.

"Meera, you're thinking too much." Isaac advised her and they all were suggesting the same.

"No, I'm not. I'm just connecting the dots. Think you both." She said and referred to Lewis and Isaac.

"David didn't have a son as far as we knew from the beginning. Then all of a sudden, he had a son after the bomb blast and the former king also didn't have a son so taking in his son is not possible for him. There are no childhood pictures of Noah and just of Mary in the palace. According to Noah, he spent his childhood with his grandparents but David's parents were dead. His wife was also dead and didn't have any relatives. This all, it doesn't make any sense." She clarified and they both agreed with her.

"I do agree that Noah and Sam are pretty similar when they have a gun in their hand." Lewis confessed.

"And they also have similar personalities, Sam is the one who feels happy when he's in power when others beg him, so does Noah." Isaac added.

"We have to find out did Sam did all these years. There might be a big secret that he is concealing. Find out before he destroys everyone with it." She ordered and Sofi and Jimmy instantly followed her l words and were about to go out of the room.

"I also need you to find out the connection between Troy and Noah." She declared and they all were interrupted from heading outside.

"How are they related now?" Isaac raised a question in frustration.

"Yeah, Noah didn't even know about Troy before he showed up again." Lewis confessed and Isaac agreed with him.

"I don't think so..." She mumbled and took out a photo from her pocket and passed it to them.

It was a photo of her childhood and was taken by her mother. She was sitting on a bench and beside her were two other boys.

"It's your childhood photo?" Isaac said and was confused about how it was connected to what she had stated.

"This is Troy." Lewis mumbled and pointed and the boy sitting in the centre.

"Who is the other one?" He asked and they both looked at her.

She raised her eyebrow indicating that they weren't this stupid.

"Noah?!" They both almost shrieked in shock and she nodded.

"I found it in my old house. I don't recall clearly but there is a mild memory that there was one other boy as well but he disappeared one day suddenly. Troy was with me for a few more years that's why I remember him clearly." She confessed.

"You said that they have a lot in similar, it's true, they do have some same habits. That why I'm suspecting that they are connected somehow." She explained and ordered them to find out information about this.

She was on her way to look for the truth but she was also afraid that it would destroy her and her relations with anyone would never be the same...

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    《Opposite Worlds》