Opposite Worlds
79 Puppets in his play
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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79 Puppets in his play

"He's your son?!" Troy asked in surprise. He was shocked by knowing this truth for as far as he knew Noah was David's son. Sam nodded his head in response, giving him a positive answer.

"Then David? I mean I don't understand this when did this happen?" He asked him.

"Oh my, you have too many questions but I don't have time." Sam said and started walking again.

"Sir, you can't do this. You never tell me anything. You didn't even bother to tell me who my parents are? How did you find me when I didn't even meet you before that?" Troy said and followed him.

"The truth hurts and it's better if you don't know this one." He replied and walked away, leaving him there.

"What the hell is he hiding?" Troy said to himself.

*Several years ago*

The news that Lucy was in a relationship with Aaron Rong angered Sam a lot. They both loved each other but she didn't even bother to tell Sam about her sudden decision. Actually, the decision was made by the head of the agency as this way she could get access to more information.

After meeting Aaron, Lucy realized the true meaning of love and completely forgot about Sam. At first, he stayed quiet but as he kept hearing the news about Aaron showing his love to her on TV or saw their cozy photos together, he got angry and wanted to get back on her, for cheating on him. He started going to the bar a lot, slept with numerous women and it was all out of anger and jealousy.

There was this one girl that Sam preferred more and used to spend most of his time in the bar with her. Her name was Emily and she was a prostitute. After a month or two she told him that she was pregnant. He was shocked and frustrated at first and wanted her to abort that child. But after calming down, and thinking thoroughly he thought that he could use that child in the future or he could be his heir. He asked her to keep that baby and he would provide her money and a house. After 7 or 8 months, she gave birth to twins boys, it was Noah and Troy, but they didn't look identical thus they didn't realize that they were brothers even after meeting again.

It was around this time that Lucy married Aaron and Sam felt a sense of achievement for he had done something worse than her, and she would regret this for the rest of her life.

He gave Emily money every month and visited them often for he wanted them to be the best as they were going to be his heirs.

Then came the last storm, when he heard that Lucy gave birth to a daughter, Meera. He was boiling with anger and kidnapped her, leading it to Aaron's death. He forced Lucy to stay with him for the rest of her life and her only condition was to keep Meera with her but her this condition destroyed her life and Lucy always regretted her decision.

Sam never let her know about Emily or the two boys. He never loved Meera for she was Aaron's daughter, the man he hated the most. Emily knew about Lucy but never spoke anything and once when she did ask him to leave her, he threatened to takes away both of the boys from her. She loved them both the most and couldn't bear to part with them so obeyed him quietly without asking a single question.

He used to teach them to fight and to shot from a very young age and Troy was a lot better than Noah. Sam preferred Troy because he would be more useful to him. He was angry at Noah for not performing well but then noticed that he was better in studies. He asked his closest friend David to take care of him and make him more strong so he could be capable enough to be called his heir. While he trained Troy to be an agent.

Emily got sick after a few years because she suffered from depression after she met Sam and died leaving Troy with Sam.

Sam was planning to do something a lot bigger and didn't want any obstacle in his way thus he planned the bombing of the plane in which Troy was traveling to make him dead in front of the world while in reality, he kept him underground to keep him away from the world's eyes.

The day he killed the King along with his father and Lucy in the fire and framed his own death, he asked David to be the king so that his son could inherit the crown for this was what Noah was better in, instead of fighting and all.

He kept them separate to keep their identity a secret. All of them were just puppets for him and he played with their lives, whichever way he wanted. After Noah met Meera, he fell in love with her and didn't even accomplish that task he was given, to be a capable king. But it indirectly benefitted Sam for she taught Noah to fight, and he was better than Troy.

Sam saw himself in him but will he get manipulated by his feeling just like Sam did?

*In the Hotel*

Meera finally returned to the hotel after visiting her family's grave. She entered the lobby of their suite and saw Sofi and Jimmy were sitting on the sofa and looked kinda worried.

"Ari you're finally back..." Sofi said and stood back but paused when she saw her condition.

Her hands were red for she clenched her fist tightly in anger. Her eyes were red from crying. Sofi stepped forward and caressed her cheek.

"What happened and where's Noah? You went out to bring him right?" She asked and Jimmy also got up and stood next to her.

"He blamed me for everything and thus left me and went to Sam's side."She said after a long sigh.

"I told you he was acting strangely." Sofi said and Jimmy elbowed her.

"It'll be alright, it happened just so you could see the truth clearly." Sofi said and hugged her tightly.

"Ari you have a whole life in front of you. Don't punish yourself so much for just one guy." Jimmy said and caressed her back.

"I'm okay. I just visited mom's grave." She said and pulled away from the hug. "What were you guys worried about?"

"We have a few guests." Jimmy said and led her to a room.

She opened the door and was kinda surprised at seeing what was inside The trio. George was lying on the bed, unconscious with blood on his clothes, his wounds were treated and a drip was attached on his hand. Lewis and Isaac were sitting beside his bed and had a few bandages on their body. Meera stepped forward slowly and they both stood upon seeing her.

"Meera..." Lewis said and walked towards her.

"We're sorry for not have fought hard enough for you, to have left your side when we knew how much you had suffered." Isaac said.

"We're sorry to have forgotten what this friendship meant and how special you are... for us..." Lewis continued.

"Please forgive us." They both said and kneeled in front of her...

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    《Opposite Worlds》