Opposite Worlds
77 How can you be so selfish?
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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77 How can you be so selfish?

*In an abandoned area*

Sam and his men were all gathered there, after escaping the bomb blast at their headquarters. Some of them were injured and were getting their wounds treated. The trio was also there with them, for they were still held hostage to use against Meera. They all were beaten badly by all of the other agents on San's orders for he was angry about what Meera did.

Sam and Troy were thinking of plans to defeat her. Sam was kind of afraid, now that she had the power that he always desired and was using it to defeat him. She became a lot more powerful and was not naive like before and was thus a big threat to him. He couldn't use tricks to defeat her as now she was the one who played him this time.

They were busy discussing and others were doing their things when someone walked inside that area. The other agents were shocked by seeing him but didn't dare to stop him for he looked angry and had a gun in his hand.

The trio was tied in the same room where Sam and Troy were sitting. That guy stepped inside that room and they all looked surprised at seeing him.

"Noah?" George said was surprised why he had returned after getting out of this hell.

"What are you doing here? What else is she planning to do now?" Troy said and took out his gun at once and pointed it at him.

"You were right about her Sam." He said to him and looked up, he had anger in his.

"About what?" Sam asked with a cunning smile for he already understood what he was talking about. He told Troy to lower his gun and stepped towards him.

"She's a demon who never thinks about anyone. I feel disgusted to have fallen in love with her." He said and his eyes were filled with hate. Sam smiled caused it was him who won the war. He had her most important person on his side.

"I already told you multiple times. It was you who was bound in her spell. Now you saw it yourself, what a cruel girl she is?" Sam said and was extremely happy about his victory but hid his excitement from him.

"I'll do anything you say to stop her. I won't tremble once before killing her with my own hands. That is the only way to stop her." He said with determination in his eyes.

"I'm so proud that you finally found your way." Sam said and extended his arms for a hug.

Noah hugged him and they all were shocked about how he could change so much within a day.

Troy and Sam left the room to see how the other agents were doing.

Noah stepped towards the trio with a smile and was hoping that they would agree with the decision he made.

"What the hell happened within a day?" Lewis asked and Noah untied their ropes.

"I spent some time with her and found out that I didn't love her anymore." He said and they all were surprised.

"What do you mean you didn't love her anymore? You were crazy for her a day before." Isaac asked him.

"I realized that my feelings died a long time ago and all that remained was a habit of loving her and wanted her by my side." He said and they were confused. He helped them get up.

"She isn't the same girl as before. All she cares about is her business and the Rong Empire. She doesn't even want to spend time with me or even ask how I spent all these years. Didn't you see how easily she bombed all those buildings and killed so many people?" He explained himself.

"You know only Sam's men were present in those buildings and they were all murderers." George said and he nodded in response.

"I know but she can't just kill people so casually." He said.

"Then else do we do?" Lewis asked him.

"But we don't kill innocent people. She did all this just to start a war against Sam. A war that'll kill a lot of people." He said and they all laughed at him.

"Noah that war was started years ago and by Sam not Meera." Isaac informed him.

"I know her better than you guys and I'm telling you she's not the same anymore. She's turned into a demon." He said and tried to convince them.

"This makes me want to question you, Don't you know her?" Lewis asked him in anger.

"Yeah, do you even know Meera?" Isaac emphasized and he stepped back a little.

"You're such an idiot, Noah?" George asked in anger and the other two had the same ager in their eyes.

"That girl fought against everyone for you, almost died just because of your stupid mistakes and now you're saying you hate her." George asked further.

"I gave up my freedom for her." Noah defended himself.

"Oh please, we all know you enjoyed killing innocent people." Lewis said and was done with his nonsense.

"Do you even realize how much pain she has got throughout her life, how people she had lost? It was all because of Sam. And now you're telling us he's innocent." Isaac questioned him.

"He made her life hell and you're taking his side?" Lewis asked but he just stood there with a blank face.

"How can you be so selfish, Noah?" George asked and he was a little taken back by his question.

"How am I selfish? It's' her." He asked in anger.

"You're only thinking about yourself and how you feel. Have you ever considered her feelings or what she feels? What made her become like this? Why does she hate Sam so much?" He asked him and Noah was speechless.

"Noah, let me tell you the truth... You don't know her at all. You've never seen the real Meera." George said and his words pierced through him.

"You know what, I don't wanna know her real self. What I saw today was enough to make me hate her and I never want to see her after this." He said and they gave up trying to convince him that he's wrong.

"You wanna speak for her then go on her side, Get out of here." He said and had a dark expression on his face. They were about to go out when Sam and Troy came there.

"Wow, you guys are leaving already?" He said with a smile.

"What do you need us for? You've already got your greatest pawn, your only way to win this war." George whispered to him. Sam stepped aside from their way.

"Give her my message." Noah shouted and stood by the window.

They didn't bother to turn around and see his face again. Noah didn't say anything further, instead, he took his gun and pointed it at them. They heard a loud noise and they realized that someone had shot a bullet but couldn't have guessed that it would be Noah. Before they could react to it, the bullet passed through George's shoulder, making him severely injured with all the wounds he had already. He almost fell forth on the floor but Lewis and Isaac supported him.

"Tell her I hate her more than anyone...

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    《Opposite Worlds》