Opposite Worlds
74 Her secret plan
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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74 Her secret plan

Sam tried to rush to the branches as soon as possible because he wanted to save his money the most. He sent his men to the branches which were further away and himself went to the nearest ones. He told them that they had to save the money even if they couldn't defuse the bombs. They obeyed his orders and went to the branches assigned to them.

Some were too late and the buildings had already blasted. Some reached earlier and tried to save the money but were unable to find the bomb and were therefore killed in the blast and the money was also destroyed. Sam himself was the only one that came alive with only some amount of money. Other of the men that went with him to that branch were killed when the building blasted.

His greed took a lot from his, not only did he lose his money but he also lost the people who worked for him. But it didn't matter to him how many people died, all he cared about was how much money he lost and was furious at himself for not killing Meera back then and trusting people like Noah.

*Back in the basement*

4 hours went by and there was no sign of Sam or any of his men. Meera and Noah were just sitting on the tables and talking to each other all this while. It was a long time but it wasn't boring at all for them. They both got time to catch up on what they had missed out on each other's life. Time seemed to stop for them and they kept talking.

Another hour passed and footsteps started echoing in the empty halls outside the basement. Sam had come beak and he looked frustrated and tired but one could tell that he was angry enough to commit a murder. Troy was with him and was a little injured and had scars over his face and arms. They still had quite a lot of men with them and many of them were minorly injured. The ones who had severe injuries were sent to the hospital immediately after the bombing and those who were killed were left behind recklessly.

Meera and Noah at once knew they had returned and she jumped off the table.

"Now what?" Noah asked and was curious about what she was going to do now.

"It's showtime baby." She said with a bright smile and winked at him.

Sam entered the room with an angry face and kicked one of the chairs in front of him.

"What?" She asked and turned to look at him.

"You couldn't be more reckless, could you?" He asked her and she smiled.

"It was revenge for what you did to the Rong Empire. My revenge is still left." She said and looked at him with fierce eyes.

"What? You're gonna kill me?" He asked and walked towards her in full confidence. She shook her head in denial and smiled.

"I know you too well, dead is too easy punishment for you, I wanna make you drop to a position where you get punished for all the sins and murders you ever committed, where you lose the power you love the most, where no one stands by your side and you realize the pain you caused to other. Where you beg me to kill you." She said and her expressions turned dark.

He stopped after hearing her words, he was kind of afraid of her because she said all the things he was most afraid of and wished would never happen to him, but her expressions showed that she was determined to make them happen.

"You wish!" He said and took his gun out and pointed it at her, so did the others.

"You'll make any of those things happen only if you are alive and I'm gonna kill you right now. Screw your power and you stupid Rong Empire, right now you are my biggest enemy and if I don't kill you now then I'm not the greatest villain." He said and loaded his gun.

"You're stupid aren't you?" She said and laughed, while Noah was worried about what would happen now and how they would get out of there.

"You're wishing to die right?" Sam said and was about to fire when she interrupted him.

"Hear me out first." She said and he was curious about what she wanted to say before dying.

"You said you're the greatest villain but you aren't smart enough to beat me." She said and he got angry.

"Meera!!" He yelled in anger.

"Okay, cool tiger cool." She said and laughed at his situation.

"If you remember I said that there were bombs planted at 20 of your branches." She said and he agreed and then she further continued, "You didn't even think once that you have only 19 branches." She said and the gun dropped from his hand. Everyone was confused but Sam already understood her game and was thus completely shocked and felt like he was defeated.

"This is the last one." She said and took a ballpoint pen out of her pocket. The ballpoint was the trigger of the bomb.

"You take one step and the bombs go off. The decision is up to you." She said and kept her thumb on top of the trigger button.

"You know that you'll kill yourself as well, right?" Sam warned her.

"If you die only if I die, well I don't have a problem to kill myself then." She said and he was pissed.

"What about the Rong Empire then?" He asked in the hope to stop her.

"Rong Empire has two other heirs as well." She said and now he was out of excuses.

"What do you want?" He said after a sigh.

"Well, now we're talking." She said with a smile.

"You let us go out of here without any harm." She said and he was surprised by her demand as it was too simple for such a great plan.

"Okay get out." He said awkwardly.

They both held each others hand and walked out. She stopped on reaching the exit door and pressed the trigger.

"You have 5 minutes to get. Save yourself if you can." She said loudly. "And... the war begins here."

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    《Opposite Worlds》