Opposite Worlds
72 The game finally begins
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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72 The game finally begins

There was a strange tension in the room where they all were. The truth shook them to the roots. It a hard reality to accept.

"You don't remember?" Noah said slowly, his head dropped and there was no motion in his body.

"I already said a thousand times that I don't." She said in a frustrated tone for she was so done with explaining herself again and again.

"How?" He said to himself. He wasn't even listening to what she said.

"I gave up on myself for you and now you're saying you don't know me." He yelled. All the frustration and hate that filled inside him in all these years came out at once.

"What was my fault?" He said and finally looked up at her with teary eyes.

She was sitting quietly in the chair her hands tied behind the chair with a rope. She had a straight face, her lips tightly clenched and eyes looking straight through him, he felt as if they were comforting him as if she was telling him not to give up after coming so far. He went quiet at once and just kept looking at her.

"So, um... Aria right?" Sam asked as he came back after discussing the plan with Troy. She nodded in response.

"Aria listen to me carefully..." He said and started walking around her like a wolf walking around its prey before attacking it.

"You already know that the Asian headquarters of the Rong Empire were bombed. You know how much destruction it caused and how many people died, right?" He said in her ear as he stood behind her.

"I know about it but why did you kidnap me, when you already know who I am and how powerful I am." She asked without any sign of fear on her face.

"Exactly, that's the reason, your power. That's what I want from you." He said and pulled out his knife.

"Dream on." She said and he put the edge of his knife on her neck.

"What about now?" He asked as he threatened to kill her.

"No!" She said straight away.

"Oh, Aria!" He said and withdrew his knife and stood in front of her.

"You should cherish your life and you're still very young to handle such a big responsibility. There will be a lot of other people who'll want this power and they won't as kind as me. Think about yourself a little." He said and looked into her eyes.

"I'll rather die than giving it to you." She said and now he lost his temper. He swung his knife in the air and it pierced across her shoulder leaving a big cut behind, she groaned in pain.

"Do you even know who you're messing with?" Sam yelled and stepped behind and Troy tried to calm him down. Noah and the trio were also shocked that he would hurt her but there was nothing they could do for now.

"Do you think I kidding here? The bomb blast that destroyed your headquarters were done by me. These guys planted the bombs." He said and pointed towards Noah and the trio.

"You think I can't do anything. Do you even imagine how many people will die if I planted the bomb again? You would be responsible for all this just because you made a stupid decision of not giving me the Rong Empire. You can't even imagine to what extend I can go to have that power." He said and turned away as he was frustrated and angry.

"Believe me no one knows it better than me." She said and he froze where he was after hearing this. Everyone was shocked and looked at her.

"What did you say?" He asked and walked towards her.

She glanced at the clock that was hung on the wall in front of her, it showed 10 seconds to 3 am.

"10...9..8..." She started counting backward suddenly.

"Tell what the hell did you just say?" Sam yelled and grabbed the sides of her chair.

"6...5...4..." She ignored him and continued counting.

"Stop it." He yelled out loud but it did not affect her.

"3...2...1" She finished counting and started laughing.

The others in the room were confused about what was happened. She threw her head back and kept laughing.

"What the hell are you laughing about?" He said and took his gun out in anger.

"That game has finally begun." She said and looked straight into his eyes. She put her hands in the front and threw the rope in front of him. No one realized when she untied the rope.

"W...what do you mean?" Sam asked and was taken aback as it sounded more like Meera.

Suddenly his phone rang and he took it out of his pocked. He was about to put it back as he wasn't going to answer it.

"You'd better answer it, might be an important one." She said and stopped him midway.

He answered the call and was in shock when he heard the speaker's words. The call ended and he didn't even move a bit.

"Boss, what's wrong?" Troy asked and was now getting worried that what had happened that shook him to this extend.

"One of the South Asian branches of his company was bombed just a minute ago." She said and everyone was shaken by this news.

"Aria...?" Troy asked in a shock.

"Meera." She corrected him and her expression turned dark.

"You said you had lost your memory..." Troy asked in confusion.

"I didn't lie. I did lose my memory after you poisoned me cause the poison affected my brain but I gained it back two weeks ago and since then I'm planning for this day, the day you have this defeated expression on your face." She said and looked straight into Sam's eyes making him fear her a little.

"What do you want?" Sam asked clenching his teeth in anger.

"No, that's the wrong question. You should ask what ELSE have you done?" She said in a sarcastic tone.

"What have you done?" He asked trying to control his anger.

"Your company has 20 branches across Asia, each branch has a bomb that blasts in every 15 minutes. If you can prevent at least 6 bombs from blasting, I'll give you the Rong Empire but if you're unable to do it then it's a war..."

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    《Opposite Worlds》