Opposite Worlds
71 So is the plan failed?
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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71 So is the plan failed?

Sam was kinda shocked by seeing Noah in front of him as it could destroy his plan but he stayed calm and didn't show his anxiousness on his face for he didn't want him to know that he feared his presence in that room.

"Wow! It is true love, you can sense that she is around huh?" He said and walked behind Aria with a knife in his hand.

"You said you wouldn't do anything." Noah reminded him.

"'Everything is fair in love and war' you must have heard this quote right? Well, you should have remembered it at the time I made any promise. Also, you should never trust your enemy, especially if it's someone like me who can do anything for power, kill his own family." He said with a smile, a smile that disgusted Noah.

"What do you want now? You've already separated us for such a long time." Noah asked and stepped towards him.

The moment he took a step ahead, Troy and him men took out their guns and pointed them towards him warning him to try going ahead.

"I never intended to separate you, it was you who offered me yourself and I needed time to plan things again. You were just a pawn who was made the king by me for just some time but she is the real queen and now I have to take her down to take over the kingdom." He said and stroked the edge of his knife on her face. Noah struggled to move ahead but the trio held him back for his safety.

"I never wanted to hurt you cause you were on my side without even knowing it, it was you who decided to play with fire by falling in love with her and you got your lesson by turning into a killer, something you never wanted to be." He said to Noah and then bent down, placing his hands on the sides of the chair, Aria was tied to.

"As for her, she was destined to be killed by my hands cause she is a symbol of the betrayal that her mother gave me but now she'll make me sit on top of the world from her death." He said and stepped back.

He was smiling while saying this but his expressions changed suddenly, the smile disappeared and his expressions turned black suddenly. He stood straight and stepped back.

"Tie them up." He ordered his men as he sat a chair in front of Aria and they immediately tied Noah and the trio with ropes.

"Wake her," He said with a dark expression. "Now!"

One of his men bowed and went to the corner of the basement to get something. He came and threw cold water on her face to wake her up. Due to the sudden splash, she woke up with a shock and it took her eyes a little bit to get used to the light.

"W...where am I?" She asked as eyes traced the whole area.

"You're in my territory and there's no way you're getting away today, Meera." Sam said bluntly. "Meera? I'm sorry I think you mistook me for someone else. I'm Aria and who are you?" She asked and her words left every one in that room shocked.

"Stop your tricks." Sam said while controlling his anger as this was the moment he waited for the most.

"I'm not kidding. I don't even know anyone of you." She protested as she looked around to find a familiar face but there was none she could recognize.

"I said stop PLAYING TRICKS!" He said loudly and got up from the chair aggressively making it fall backward. She flinched on seeing him get angry.

"You're saying you don't know anyone, right?" He said after taking a deep breath and she nodded hesitantly in response. She was shaking due to fear and everyone was confused about what was happening, whether she was lying or not.

"Well, you would if I hurt him." Sam said and grabbed Noah by his neck and dragged him towards her.

"W..who is he?" She asked, leaving Noah shocked but he still had some hope that it was her plan.

"He's the one who'll make you say the truth after all you can't see your lover get hurt." He said and put the sharp edge of the knife on Noah's neck.

"But I don't even know him." She yelled and had tears in her eyes for she was being mistaken for someone she wasn't.

"Stop this nonsense or I'll kill him." Sam said loudly as he was now losing his temper.

"If killing him will make you release me then do. Kill him." She said and Noah's heart sank after hearing these words.

The girl he loved so much and for whom he gave up his freedom, was giving up on his life for her freedom. Her words left everyone shocking. Sam was left with just two explanations, either she became so heartless that she could kill the one she loved or she lost her memory as she was saying and he chose to believe the second one.

"How can you not recognize him?" Sam asked with a confused look and loosened his grip around Noah.

"I lost my memory 3 years ago in some accident." She said and everyone went silent after this.

They all were too shocked to speak. Well, this explained everything, why she didn't come to save Noah and the others, why she didn't take revenge from Sam and why she agreed on letting Sam kill Noah. Sam took a few steps back and grabbed his head, he started walking back and forth. Troy followed him.

"Sir what do we do now?" He asked him carefully not to press the wound that her words just opened.

"She lost her memory." Sam said to himself.

"Exactly, so is the plan failed?" Troy asked.

"No!" He shouted in response as he didn't want to accept defeat.

"The plan will go on. We'll threaten her to blast even more buildings and taking her life. I want her signatures of the will at all costs, even if I have to kill her and her damned lover...

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    《Opposite Worlds》