Opposite Worlds
70 The crises
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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70 The crises

The echoes of the planes were heard all around. There was a huge crowd gathered in front of the airport and as the doors opened lines of men dressed in black suits walked out of both the edges and then stood outside keeping the media at a distance. After the bodyguards, came Jimmy, escorting Aria and beside her walked Sofi, wearing a peach dress and a blazer over it. She held an iPad in her hands and was showing Aria the updates about the Asian headquarters and the new projects of their company. Aria was looking very elegant in black dress and beige long blazer and high heels. Her hair was open and had light curls.

As they walked out the media started asking her questions immediately and she just smiled and stood there. Slowly, the reporters calmed down and started asking questions one by one. She answered them calmly and then they left for their hotel. That day the headlines on newspapers and news channels were all about her. Articles were published on her and what she talked about her. People were enthusiastic to have her there and were also curious about how she would solve the problem.

They arrived at the hotel and were tired after the long flight but Aria insisted on going to see the building to inspect the situation thoroughly. They obeyed her and took her to see the building which was bombed. They reached there in half an hour and were deeply shaken after reaching there.

The whole building had turned into ruins and machines were picking up the blocks of the huge blocks to take out dead bodies. Aria was quiet as they walked around.

"My God! Who could have done this?" Sofi asked and was wondering who dared to challenge the Rong Empire. A policeman arrived near them and told them about the situation.

"Good Evening mam, the building is destroyed and we are still clearing the heavy blocks to take out all the remaining dead bodies. According to our estimate, there were bombs planted at different levels of the building but we aren't sure who did it because all the footage of the building and around the building were destroyed and erased intentionally. This was a well-planned attack and I suggest you be careful as long as you are in Asia as there is also a serial killer who's still unidentified." He suggested.

"Thank you, officer." She said and bowed.

"It's out job mam." He said and left.

"What's the situation about the workers?" She asked after taking a deep breath.

"Mam, there were 300 workers in the whole building and out of it 100 were injured and 80 were killed others escaped as soon as they heard the alarm." Sofi informed her.

"Alarm?" She asked suddenly.

"Yeah, as per the workers the fire alarm started ringing suddenly and the workers started rushing outside many made their way out but the bomb blasted just a minute after the fire alarm so not many were able to escape. I don't understand mam if they had to blast the building anyway, why did they turn on the alarm?" Sofi asked her and also glanced at Jimmy and he was also clueless about this.

"I don't know either. What was their exact motive?" She said and looked around when she saw an abandoned building not so far away.

"Let's visit the patients." She said and they nodded.

They went to the hospital where all the patients were admitted. She first visited the family of the ones killed in the incident and apologized for their loss and told them that the Rong Empire would pay for their monthly expenses from then on. She then visited the injured workers and apologized to them and paid for their hospital expenses. She also asked them about what happened before the blast and if they remember something uncommon or someone suspicious. One of the workers told her that he saw a few men running out of the building right before the blast but he couldn't see who they were but they surely didn't work in the company.

By the end of all this, they were dead tired and were just waiting to fall onto their beds. It was past midnight after they arrived at the hotel. There was pin-drop silence. They all went back to their rooms and there were two bodyguards outside Aria's room. She was about to go to bed after doing some work on her laptop when she heard a sound, it seemed like a thud but it was pretty light so she ignored it and sat in her bed. She tried to sleep when she felt like someone was in her room. She lit up the light and a man was standing in front of her.

"Who are you?" She asked in a shaky voice. "A...and what do want from me?"

"Oh Meera, I wanted your life but right now just your power." He said and knocked her out in one stroke. He was surprised that it was so easy to attack her. It was Troy and he was sent here by Sam to kidnap her. He had been in her room for quite a while and had entered through the window when she was outside. He was waiting for his men to arrive and take down the bodyguard outside her room so they could take her out of the hotel.

They took her in his car and drove to the base of Sam's agency. They took her to the basement and tied her to the chair. There were tables all-around at the corners and a big clock was hung in the front.

Sam came there after a while and was kinda surprised at seeing no one injured.

"You're okay?" He asked Troy with a surprised look.

"She didn't even protest but was rather scared." He replied and was himself surprised.

"Is it a trick hers?" He asked suspiciously.

"I don't think so, she didn't even recognize me." He explained.

Sam walked towards her and stroked her face lightly.

"You have troubled me a lot. I waited so long for this opportunity and now you can't escape. I'll destroy you completely this time." He said and smiled cunningly.

"What the hell are you doing?" Noah said breathlessly as he ran all way to the basement with the trio after finding out what had happened


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    《Opposite Worlds》