Opposite Worlds
69 The day of bombing
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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69 The day of bombing

Days went by and Aria was busy with the management of the company. Her life was normal but a lot busier than before. Nothing unusual happened until one evening when she got a call from the office informing her that the Asian headquarters of their company was blasted suddenly, all their goods were destroyed and a few people were injured during the crises. An urgent meeting was called to discuss the matter. The meeting lasted for quite a long time and people were furious about knowing what had happened. There were different suggestions from everyone. Her whole night was spent in her office trying to find out a way to solve the crises. In the end, she suggested that she would go to Asia and examine the situation herself and try to find a way to solve and also the reason for the bombing. After hearing her suggestion there was complete silence in the room. People now suggested her not to go as it could be dangerous. She asked if anyone wanted to go in her place and no one stood up, she smiled and left the room. She asked her assistant to make all the arrangements. She went into her office and sat in her table. She turned on the computer and searched for news about the serial killer. She read all the articles which were written about the serial killer and also read of the people who were killed. As she finished the last article a smirk appeared on her face.

"The game begins..."

*A night before the bombing, an abandoned basement*

"Did you guys understood the plan?" Noah asked after telling them the whole plan and everyone responded positively. It was an old abandoned building, the light was quite dim and it was quiet all around. Along with him the trio and other five members of his team were also present there. They all were standing in a circle around a table and on the table was the blueprint of the building. It had a few markings.

"We have to first sneak into the building and plant the bombs and 5 different placed across the building, it should be mostly at the bottom. We have to start the fire alarm so that everyone leaves the building and then it'll be a blast, start all the bombs at the same time." He summarised the plan once again and they all nodded in response.

"I don't want any mistakes in this mission." He ordered in a serious tone.

"Yes, sir." They all said altogether.

"Okay, let's start the work." He said and everyone took their positions.

The Trio Noah and one of his teammates were responsible for planting the bombs in the building, two of the bombs were planted on the ground floor and the other three were planted on different floors. Two of the team members had hacked into the security cameras and were instructing them through the building and also warning them about the security guards. The other team member was responsible for starting the fire alarm and he was on his position. The last team member was responsible for activating the bombs. The plan was going well and the bombs were planted.

"All in place?" Noah asked through his Bluetooth.

"Bomb 1 and 2 in place, sir!" George said from the ground floor, the other team member was with him.

"Bomb 3 in place, sir!" Lewis said from the 5thrd floor of the building.

"Bomb 4 in place as well, sir!" Isaac said from the 9th floor of the building.

"Bomb 5 is in place as well," Noah said from the 13th floor. "How's the security across the building?"

"Guards are in the same place, sir." They said from the van which was standing in front of the building.

"Ok start the fire alarm now! Within 5 minutes get out of the building and erase all the camera footage and activate the bombs." Noah ordered.

"Yes, sir." They all said at once.

"Fire alarm started." He said and a loud siren was heard across the building. The people present in the building panicked and started running outside.

"Sorry Noah the bombs blast within 1 minute. Get out if you can." A guy said through the Bluetooth but it wasn't their team member.

"Troy!!" Noah shouted in anger. "Get out of the building NOW!" He said and everyone rushed out of the building. They came out of the building within the time as they used harness ropes to jump out of the windows. They ran as far as they could and when they heard the bombs blast, they turned around and saw the whole building destroying, falling and killing thousands of people with it. They all just watched silently as it all destroyed. Their plan worked but not exactly, they wanted to save all the people but now they killed thousands of them and it disappointed them. Noah didn't say a word as they stood there, he just watched silently, his hands were clenched tightly and he just stared as the building fell apart. The trio was kind f worried for him.

"Where did it went wrong?" He shouted at them.

"Oh it was easy to do, I just had to knock out your man and there you go I had access to the bombs," Troy said as he walked from behind. "You can't ever do right as long as you work for us." He said to Noah and went away leaving them all helpless.

The next day Aria took the flight to Asia and her assistant, Sofi and Jimmy came along with her. A new twist was going to come when they reached Asia.

'What will happen now?....'

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    《Opposite Worlds》