Opposite Worlds
68 His bigger targe
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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68 His bigger targe

"What should we do?" Lewis asked in a frustrating tone. The trio and Noah were sitting in his office discussing the new mission that Sam gave them to bomb the headquarters of the Rong Empire in Asia.

"We have to find a way to do it without leaving any traces behind." George suggested and the others agreed with him.

"He said that he didn't care if anyone gets hurt or not he just wanted us to bomb the building." Noah said and was kind of worried as he couldn't figure out what Sam was planning to do now.

"What is he planning to do now?" Isaac asked and scratched his head in frustration. They all were suspicious of this fact the most as Sam can't have peace unless he hurts someone.

"He said he had bigger ambitions than just killing her." Noah told them.

"Wait, didn't she just took over the Empire, like just yesterday?" George said and the other nodded in response.

"And he gave you 15 days to do it." Isaac continued. They both were understanding this puzzle by joining the chains.

"Don't tell me!" Lewis said as he got an idea about what they were referring to.

"Yup, we think he's planning to call her here by bombing the headquarters." George cleared their doubts.

"But what will he get by doing that?" Isaac asked.

"He's planning to take control of the Rong Empire again!" Noah said suddenly leaving the others in shock.

"We have to stop this!" Lewis said loudly.

"We can't." Noah said with a sigh.

"Why?" Isaac protested.

"Cause otherwise he'll hurt her directly." Noah said and now they understood what the whole game was.

"Now I get it, he's using us to bring her out of her territory so he can hurt her again." Lewis said and nodded.

"But I don't get one thing..." George said and the other looked at him. "Why didn't she come back for us? I mean it's Meera. She can't rest until she completes her mission and now she has to take revenge for everything but she's not coming back not even for us instead she's leading a very easy life as the princess of the Rong Empire." He said and the other two agreed with him.

"Most likely she's hating me now." Noah said to himself and the trio looked at him in confusion.

"You remember the letter I gave her, in that, I told her that we don't belong together and I don't wanna see her again." He said and the others groaned.

"Man why are you so stupid?" Lewis complained.

"Yeah, how can you say that to her, she loves you?" Isaac said.

"I had to do something to stop her from coming back." Noah said in his defense.

"Bro it's Meera, our boss. She doesn't need anyone to protect her." George said and patted his shoulder.

"I know but it's better if she stays out of this mess." Noah said and they all agreed with him.

*In the Palace of Asia*

"Boss, what are you planning to do now?" Troy asked Sam. They both were discussing his new plan of bombing the building while having drinks.

"I want her to come here in Asia so that I can take back what I deserve." Sam said and sipped wine from his glass.

"You mean the Rong Empire?" Troy asked and he nodded.

"It's been a long time since I saw her last. Her peaceful life is coming to an end soon." Sam said and laughed loudly. "I'm using her biggest weakness against her... her lover."

"What do you mean?" Troy asked in confusion.

"He's on my side and he'll be the one who'll bring her to me so that I can kill her with my hands after I make her write a will that she'll give everything to me." He said.

"A will? You think she'll accept that easily." Troy asked and Sam glared at him for underestimating his power.

"I'll torture her and her closest ones until she agrees." He said and continues drinking again.

*In the Rong Palace*

"Aria you really don't remember anything from the past?" James asked her as they both were sitting in the car and were on their way to the headquarters.

"I don't uncle I don't even remember what you said or what happened to me at that time. I think I saw something but I'm not sure what." She said and he nodded in response.

"I'm sorry I didn't take care of you properly." He apologized and lowered his head.

"No, you don't have to apologize. You tried to tell me everything about the past so that I could choose what was right but I didn't regain any memory it's not your fault. Maybe I just don't want to remember anything because it was just so bad." She said and smiled. He smiled back and stopped talking about it as it did make sense, her past wasn't too good and maybe she didn't actually want to remember it.

"Okay, just leave this fact. You just have to focus on the company for now." He said and she nodded and then looked out of the window.

What will happen when they all know about her memory loss? How will Noah reach? Will Sam stop or try to hurt her even more? Will she remember anything after meeting him? Or has she regained her memory already?...

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    《Opposite Worlds》