Opposite Worlds
66 Time to tell her
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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66 Time to tell her

"I think its time to tell her about her past." James said. Both Liam and Jimmy were shocked at his decision.

"Sir, are you sure about this? Cause it can affect her health a lot." Jimmy asked hesitantly. He knew how much she wanted to know about her past but he also knew that it could destroy her completely.

"Yeah, and she can even deny to take over after she knows what happened." Liam warned him of the consequences.

"I'm sure about this," James said with a sigh. "After all we can't keep it from her forever. She has the right to know and it's up to her what she chooses after she knows about it. We hid it for 3 years but now it's time for her to know about Meera." James said and walked inside the palace.

What would be her reaction to knowing about her past? Who will she choose, Aria or Meera?

*In Asia*

"What do you want now?" Noah asked with a disgusted look on his face. He was standing in front of Sam who was sitting in a chair, his legs on the table.

"Nothing much, just do what you do regularly- destroy buildings, kill people, plant bombs." Sam said with a cunning smile on his face which showed that he was planning something bigger this time. Noah was just a pawn in this game, he wanted something bigger, he wanted to rule over the whole world.

"You made me do this." Noah said in a normal voice but it wasn't normal at all, his fists were clenched tightly, his eyes were red. It seemed as if he was holding back as if he was trapped within himself. His body was saying something different from his voice. He wanted to run away from this situation as he was tired of hurting people but he was trapped here and couldn't do anything as it was the life that he chose to keep her safe. The only person who could free him was Meera but she didn't even remember him.

"There's only one different thing this time," He said and smiled, a smile that scared Noah as it meant he was making his big move. Noah just looked at him in confusion. "You don't have to kill in secret but in open."

"The police are after me and they'll kill me immediately if I reveal myself." Noah said and wanted him to change his decision.

"No, I meant that you'll attack openly without revealing yourself." Sam said and stood up. His words confused Noah even more.

"What do you mean?" He asked and was now getting suspicious of his intentions.

"You have to bomb the Asian headquarters of the Rong Empire." He said and walked towards the door. Noah was deeply shaken by his words. He was targeting the Rong empire again and it meant he was targeting Meera.

"You said you wouldn't harm her or interfere in her life." Noah said and followed him out of the room.

"I won't if you follow my orders obediently without any questions. I have bigger ambitions than taking her life." He said and patted Noah's shoulder before he started walking towards the exit.

"You have one 15 days to execute this plan. I don't care if anyone gets hurt or not just bomb the building." He said and went out of his sight leaving him completely helpless.

"What are you planning to do now?" Troy asked him as he started following him halfway.

"I'm planning to take over the world and for that, she's my biggest target." He said and they both smiled.

*In the Rong Palace*

Aria was getting ready for the party in her room. She was wearing a light blue off-shoulder gown. Her hair was put into a side bun and some strands were falling onto her shoulders.

"Oh my... you look really beautiful just like your mother," Chloe complimented her and hugged her tightly. "I wish she was still here with us."

"Mom don't be all emotional now. It's her birthday, we all should be happy." Chrystal said cheerfully and Chloe wiped tears from her eyes.

"Ari you look so pretty." She said and hugged her.

"Don't just keep her engaged here only she has to do a lot of interviews now after all she's going to take over the whole Empire now." Ryan said as he entered the room call them all downstairs.

"Let's go, princesses." He bowed in front of them both and they laughed. James entered the room the next moment. He was holding a piece of paper in this hand.

"Dad we're all just coming down." Ryan said and smiled.

"You all go I have an important matter to discuss with Aria." He said and smiled at them.

"You can do it afterward we're all getting late now" Chloe said.

"Yeah dad, Mom's right do it after the party."Chrystal said. But he just stayed quiet.

"Mam, please go downstairs." Liam said as he understood what James meant. They all went downstairs and it was just Aria and James in that room.

"Uncle, is everything alright?" Aria asked.

"Everything's okay. I...uh...I just wanted to tell you about your past." He said hesitantly.

"What?" She asked in surprise.

"I don't know everything about it but I'll tell you whatever I know. It's up to you which life you wanna choose if you wanna take over the empire of not. It's all your choice." He said and passed the page to her.

"What's this?" She asked in confusion.

"It's a letter for you written by someone who loved you the most and the same goes for you." He said and then took a deep breath. "Your real name was Meera."

Meera, this word was like a trigger and different pictures flashed in front of her but the pictures were not so clear- a girl singing for a crowd and a guy smiling at her, her crying for that guy, her fighting with people, them fighting together, they both kissing and saying 'I love you' to each other, him shooting her, a guy in the back smiling cunningly. The past flashed in front of her but it wasn't clear. Her heartbeat increased suddenly and she felt dizzy. She gripped that paper tightly and suddenly she fell on the floor...

Will she remember anything?

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    《Opposite Worlds》