Opposite Worlds
65 A New Family
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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65 A New Family

Aria was busy doing the work in her office and had called the managers to make some changes in some documents. She gave them instructions and also encouraged them to bring out their best works. She had a lot of o documents to sign and a lot of projects to approve.

The whole day, people discussed only one person, Aria Rong. They were impressed as she wasn't even proud of being the Princess of the Rong Empire. She treated everyone like her friends and encouraged them to do better instead of scolding them for the mistakes.

It was 5 in the evening and she had arrived at the office at 11 am. She was continuously doing work without even taking rest. Suddenly the door opened but she didn't bother to look up as she thought that it might be one of the employes or her uncle Jimmy, her bodyguard.

"Ari!!" A girl screamed in a sharp voice making her cover her ears. She walked inside her office. She was wearing a pink dress that went up to her knees with nude high heels. Her hair was put into a bun and she looked a lot like Aria. She was of the same skin tone and height and their facial features were a lot similar. A lot of people mistook them for twins but one could tell that they were a bit different from each other.

"Chrystal, what are you doing in the office?" Aria asked her and looked up with a question mark face.

"I missed you." She said in a baby voice and walked towards her and hugged her tightly and then sat on the table.

"More like Dad asked for you." A guy said and walked into the office after her.

"Ryan?" She asked in confusion. He was wearing blue jeans with a black leather jacket over a white T-shirt. He came behind Chrystal and sat in the chair in front of Aria's table.

Chrystal and Ryan were James' children and were Aria's cousins but they shared a bond of blood-related siblings. They got close in a very short period. They both were the ones who encouraged her to take over the company cause she was still doubtful of her abilities but they knew that she could do the best just like her father.

Ryan was the older one and the more sensible one. Chrystal was 2 years younger than him and was the same age as Aria but they both had different personalities. Aria was more workaholic and sensible whereas Chrystal was more of a carefree and chill kinda person. She always made them both do stupid and daring things that they couldn't even think of doing. These three were incomplete without each other and were the most important parts of each other's life.

"How long are you going to work? It's your birthday!" Chrystal asked and sounded more excited than Aria herself.

"Well, It's not yours so stay quiet dear." Ryan said and she pouted...and they started arguing again. Aria smiled seeing them fight with each other over every small thing.

"Ok stop fighting. Tell me first why are you here? I mean it's not like you have any interest in business things." She asked and it was true. Chrystal was a model and an actor and Ryan was a famous painter. They had their shares in the company but never got involved in the business. They said that it was just not their thing.

"You know it's your 25th birthday right?" Chrystal asked looked at her as if she was stupid.

"Yeah" She responded and a confused look.

"And we're holding a party at home?" Ryan asked further and stood up, walking towards her.

"Yeah, but...?" She wanted to ask how it was related to their arrival but Chrystal cut her off halfway.

"And Dad's going to announce the news of you taking over the empire, right?"

"Yeah."She replied and was hella confused.

"So why aren't you ready for the party?" They both asked in unison, well more like shouted in her ears.

"It's your party and look at what you're doing, working in the office." Chrystal said sarcastically.

"Fine let's go home then." She said and got up.

"In fifteen minutes though." She said and sat back again and they both groaned at it.

"What I gotta get the work done?" She asked them.

"Seriously Ari, you took over today?" Ryan asked and Chrystal agreed with him.

"You know me better than anyone guys." She said and then made some calls on the phone to explain the works that need to be done. After about half an hour or so she stood up and picked her bag to go home. She looked up and saw Ryan lying on the sofa and Chrystal using her phone.

"Let's go guys." She shouted to get their attention.

"Thank god princess you finally gave us some time." Ryan teased her.

"Shut up bro." She said and lightly punched him. They all laughed at stupid jokes they told each other.

*In the Rong Palace*

Aria and the others came back to the palace. The whole palace was decorated for her birthday. The walls were decorated with flowers. Servants were moving around arranging things, it was a busy place at that moment.

As they entered inside a woman came and hugged Aria. She was wearing a long blue dress, her hair was put in a bun and she was very beautiful.

"Mom, leave her we're already late." Chrystal whined and Ryan chuckled.

"Aunt Chloe! when did you come back?" Aria asked and hugged her back.

"Today in the morning, you look as beautiful as ever." She complimented her. She was Chloe, James' wife, and Chrystal and Ryan's mother. She came back from Australia and came back that morning. She pulled away from the hug and fixed Aria's hair.

"Ok fine now you're getting ready with me. The begins in less than 2 hours." Chrystal shouted and pulled Aria to the dressing room.

"Bro save me." She whined with puppy eyes.

"Sorry, you're the one who's late." Ryan said and waved her bye.

"Your majesty!" Jimmy, who was standing at the back, said and all the servants bowed to James who came out of his room.

"Is everything done?" He asked Liam, his assistant. Jimmy and Liam were his closest servants, he trusted them the most.

"Yes, sir." Liam said and they both followed James outside.

"It's been 3 years since that incident." James said as they walked on the lawn.

"Yes sir, she still doesn't remember anything about her past." Liam said.

"This thing haunts her and she still has headaches when she tries to remember anything." Jimmy told him.

"That's why I think it's time to tell her about her past and let her chose which life she wants to live." James said, leaving the other two confused.

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    《Opposite Worlds》