Opposite Worlds
64 The serial killer
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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64 The serial killer

*An abandoned warehouse, Somewhere in Asia*

It was dark and quiet. The door opened and a guy entered with a gun in his hand. Three other guys were following him, they too had guns in their hands. He had a scar on his forehead. He loaded his gun and started walking towards a pole.

"Please spare me! I...I promise I won't do anything bad again." A man begged and tried to break off from the pole to which he was tied with chains. He was beaten up badly and had a lot of wounds on his body. A few men were standing beside him, as if they were guarding him. They moved away as soon as that guy approached there.

"Sorry too late." That guy said and shot him in the head. He was dead in one shot.

"Let's go." He told his men and walked away.

*The Palace, in Asia*

"It is the fifth time, a person was found dead in some abandoned warehouse in Asia. The police said that killing was done in the same way as it happened in the other four cases that happened around Asia in different places which were similar to this one. The victims were all tortured badly before they were shot in the head. A note was found in their hands, which was written by the victims themself and in that they confessed the bad deeds they had done. It is strange that three of the dead people were criminals and were wanted by the police. In the most recent care, a note was written by the killer with blood on the wall that said, "You'll be next." People are confused if it's something to be happy about that all the criminals are being taken out by someone, or to be worried that they are not safe even in their homes. We are all confused if it is a problem or a solution. The police have declared that person as a serial killer and are searching for him. He is currently on the top of the wanted list of the police. People are requested to stay in their houses and not to trust any stranger. This is Ray, from XX News." Said the reporter on the TV.

It was a dark room and there was just the light of the TV. A man was sitting on a chair and he had placed his feet on the table in front of him. He smiled as he watched the news and as the news ended he lifted his hand. The lights in the room turned on. That man was wearing a black suit and his hair was combed back. He had a scar on his hand and neck and looked like a gangster. He looked in front and a girl was standing there. She had blonde hair and was wearing a blue frill dress with nude flats. She was trembling as she looked at him.

"Your brother became very famous after he worked for me." He said and smiled.

"You made him a criminal." She said with anger in her eyes. She had wrapped her arms around herself and was trembling from fear.

"This is what suits him. You don't remember how he shot her three years ago. I knew it since then, that he was born to be a criminal. I just showed him a path." He said in his defense.

"Please! I beg you, spare his life, I became the Queen of Asia and I'm doing as you want. The whole kingdom was what you wanted from the start and you got it so please spare him." She begged him and joined her hands and got on her knees. He got up from his chair and walked towards her. She flinched as he approached her.

"Oh, dear! you're so simple," He said while he squatted down and pinched her face tightly making it hurt. "I want power and that obtained by created fear among people. Also, I want someone to take over my secret organization and that someone is Noah, your brother. You don't remember how heartless he was when he shot Meera three years ago. He was destined to be a killer from the start."

Suddenly the door opened harshly revealing a guy wearing blue jeans with a dark blue T-shirt. He had a lot of piercing on his ears and was wearing lockets and bracelets. He also had many scars on his arm and one on his forehead but it was half-covered by his dark brown which were falling onto his forehead. It was Noah. He walked towards that guy who was actually Sam and pushed his away from that girl who was Mary.

"How dare you hurt Mary?" He asked him in anger and hugged her.

"Are you now starting to go against me?" Sam asked as he stretched his neck. Mary grabbed Noah's arm tightly, she was afraid of what Sam would do if he got angry.

"I'm not but you can't do anything to her." Noah said helplessly.

"I won't as long as you listen to me." Sam said and left the room.

"Are you okay?" Noah asked Mary.

"I'm fine but are you?" She asked and looked into his eyes.

"I am." He said and looked away.

"She's taking over the Rong Empire today. It's her 25th birthday." Mary said with a smile.

"It's a relief that she's okay." He said and took a deep breath.

"She didn't even come for you." She asked sadly and got up.

"She must hate me." He said and smiled at his foolishness.

"Why?" She asked and turned towards him.

"I wrote in that letter that I took her side out of sympathy, that I never loved her." He said and looked down.

"Why are you like this? Why are hurting yourself like this?" She asked helplessly.

"I couldn't see her get hurt just because I rebelled. I denied accepting my destiny, it wasn't her fault. She deserved to live. She deserved the life she's living right now" He said and she caressed her arm. "Our worlds were never meant to collide from the beginning so I just separated them again. I just corrected the mistake. I just accepted my fate and followed my destiny so did she. She became the princess she was supposed to be." He said with a faint smile.

"And what about you? What were you supposed to be?" She asked.

"Whatever I'm today." He said.

"A serial killer?" She asked and he left the room without answering her.

"It's all her fault." She shouted at him.

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    《Opposite Worlds》