Opposite Worlds
63 The lost Princess
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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63 The lost Princess

*3 years later*

*Rong Company Headquarters*

The whole company was in chaos, people were walking back and forth, the managers were ordering their team members to move things around. People were decorating the entrance and many were gathering there on each side of the entrance, crossing their hands and standing straight. They all looked excited and looked eager to see someone.

"Hey, sorry I'm late." A young girl said as she rushed into the crowd and stood next to her friend.

"You were on leave of a whole week still you're late." Her friend scolded her.

"Sorry," She said and hugged her. "By the way, what's the big deal here? Why everyone gathering here and decorating the whole office?" She asked with a weird look.

"Didn't anyone tell you, the President is arriving today and as for the decoration, it's her 25th birthday." One of their colleagues replied.

"Wasn't Mr. James the President?" She asked in confusion.

"He was but now the lost Princess is back and she's finally taking over after three years." Her friend replied and as she finished the sentence three cars pulled up at the entrance of the building.

The front and the back cars were white and the middle one was black. Everyone was curious to see and they were pushing over one another. The doors of the white cars opened and 4 people stepped out of each of those cars. They were dressed in black and were holding guns. The workers were kind of terrified but also excited to see the lost Princess. Then the front door of the black car opened and a man stepped out of it, wearing a blue suit and glasses. He looked a bit older as if in his thirties. He walked and opened the back door of the car.

A girl stepped out of it, fair enough to stand out among a crowd, neither too short and nor too tall. She was wearing a black skintight dress, a beige blazer on top of it and black high heels with it. Her hair was lightly curled and put into a ponytail with only a few strands in the front. She had minimal makeup on with just pink lipgloss but she was looking the most beautiful. The people in the office were gushing over her beauty. She smiled as she saw everyone standing at the entrance for her and they all awed at her.

She walked in through the entrance. That guy in a blue suit and two of the bodyguards following her. Everyone greeted her respectfully.

"Hello Mam, I'm..." One of the managers came forward to introduce himself but she interrupted him.

"I know Robin, right?" She said and they all were kind of shocked.

"Mam, how do you...?" He asked in confusion as it was the first time he was meeting her.

"I know about everyone here, the older ones, the newer, the interns, everyone." She said and smiled softly.

"But how...?" The other manager asked.

"Uncle had been teaching me everything about the company for the last two and a half years." She explained.

They all now understood but were still curious why she didn't take over the company sooner if she had returned three years ago. They stayed quiet and looked at each other as no one dared to ask her anything. She sensed that things were getting a bit awkward so she took the initiative to break the ice.

"Is there anything you guys want to ask?" She asked politely. They just looked at one another but neither dared to speak up.

"Go ahead, I won't kill you or something." She joked.

"Mam if you were back 3 years ago, why didn't you join the company back then?" An elderly man asked he was one of the managers.

"I had an accident back then and it took a long time to recover, after that, I thought it would be better if I first studied properly about management rather than making any mistakes at work." She said and everyone clapped as they felt proud of her decisions.

After that, they showed her the whole company and then went back to work. One of the managers showed her the president's office.

"Mam this is your office now." He said as they entered.

"This so Uncle's style." She said as she looked around. The walls were painted white, the curtains were black and closed. There was a big cupboard, filled with books. The table was filled with things, yet organized.

The manager left after telling her all the important things. She walked around the office. The guy with blue jacked was still there.

"Uncle can we redesign this." She asked him with a pout. His name was Jimmy and he was in charge of her security and was also her good friend now although he was her uncle.

"I think we can." He said and opened the curtains.

"Now, this feels a lot like my room, not at all the way uncle likes it, completely dark." She said and sat on the table and looked at the stuff that was kept there. "When is Sofi coming?" She asked him.

"Tomorrow, she landed yesterday, and you know she doesn't like waking up early after jet lag." He told her. Sofi was her assistant and also a good friend. She had gone to meet her parents who lived in Europe and came back the previous day.

"Thank god, I'll be dead soon if she doesn't help me arrange my schedule." She said and sat on the chair.

"So how does it feel to be the new President?" He asked.

"I don't know. I mean I don't know how to react." She said and was confused.

"Aria how do you feel?" He asked and sat in front of her.

"This all, it doesn't feel strange, as if this is what it was supposed to be, this where I was meant to be. I feel safe here and I don't ever wanna run away from this but I feel like there's something that is missing, something I forgot about. This thought keeps bothering me but the more I think the more it hurts." She said and grabbed her head, as it started hurting again.

"Aria!" He said and rushed towards her. "The doctor told you not to think too much, it's hurting because of the accident, it caused you to lose your memory and you said just now that what's happening right now is right, it was meant to be, so don't let the things you don't remember ruin it. Maybe you forgot is for good, to become the person you are today, maybe you just couldn't accept the past and this life together." He said and caressed her head. She nodded and looked up at the ceiling.

"It's funny right, people say I'm the lost Princess of Rong Empire. Little they know is I'm lost. I don't know who I was I don't even remember my name." She said and her eyes went blank. He held her shoulder and looked straight into her eyes.

"Aria, this is who you are, the princess of the Rong Empire. You are the biological daughter of Mr. Aaron and you are back, this all that matters. What happened in between doesn't matter at all."He said and it gave her hope. She nodded and smiled. He gave her the medicine for the headache and after that, she continued with her work. She signed a lot of documents, read a lot of reports and just forgot to think about anything else.

She lost her memory because the poison affected her brain more than her body. It took her 5 days to completely get out of coma and respond to anything. She completely healed after 6 months and after that started studying management. The thing James said to her while she was in a coma affected her brain and as she had forgotten everything about her past self, she became the person he told her to be. Aria Rong was actually what she always wanted to be.

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    《Opposite Worlds》