Opposite Worlds
62 What they wanted?
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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62 What they wanted?

The memories of Aaron's death were the worst for James and he never talked about it with anyone because it brought back the pain he felt at that time. But now, he was going to tell her all that happened years ago. He sat on the chair beside her and caressed her hand softly.

"You've been away all these years so you don't know anything about us but all of us loved you a lot even before you were born. You know your father, Aaron, he was a workaholic but the day he met your mother he forgot all that and only wished to be with her. In short, his life completely changed after meeting her. She was also an agent just like you. A strong and cold woman who showed her soft side only to him. He loved Lucy a lot and the day he found out that she was pregnant, he was the happiest man," He smiled as he remembered that day when Aaron was smiling all day like an idiot and couldn't control his excitement.

"They always used to sit on the swing in our balcony and discuss your future. He always said that you would be best. After some time, the doctor revealed the gender. I expected him to be a bit upset because its always boys who inherit the family business and the girls were more like a business deal between the families but he decided that you would be his heir. He didn't want another child because you were his only princess. He wanted to name you Aria. Aria Rong, the only heir of the Rong family and the apple of her father's eyes. But it was unfortunate that he didn't even get to see you once." A tear ran down his cheek as he realized how harsh life was towards Aaron.

"He told me to find and protect you forever but I failed. I couldn't find you and when I did you were on the verge of dying. I'm sorry." He lowered his head in disappointment but then he remembered that the doctor told him to tell her encouraging things and he couldn't make her even more discouraged by talking about such sad things.

"Earlier he was crazy for his wife, but then he became crazy for the both of you. He decorated this room himself as purple was Lucy's favorite color and he wanted you to be more like your mother. He wanted you to be like water, soft but strong. He wished that you would be kind enough to help the poor but harsh enough to right the wrongs, wise enough to take all important decisions but fool enough to fall for a prince. He said it as a joke but I knew he was afraid to part with you. He wanted to make your life a bed of roses but also strong enough to endure any pain. He wanted you to fly high but also not forget the ones who stood on the ground. He was crazy indeed. He planned the whole future without knowing what would happen. And now he's the one who's not here to cherish his dearest princess. But I'm still here, I would complete all his dreams that he saw for you. I won't let you suffer anymore princess." He said and smiled even though he was on the verge of tears as the memories of the past always bring back the pain that one wants to forget. He waited for some time but there was still no movement in her body. He was disappointed as all the efforts done by the doctors were being useless. There was no progress at all. At that time she was no different from a dead body which was being forced to stay alive. He was giving up hope but then, it occurred to him that maybe, true love could motivate her, so he decided to read her the letter Noah wrote for her cause he knew that nothing could be more powerful than love.

As he was getting up to order someone to bring the letter, he felt a faint sensation on his hand, as he turned towards her as he had kept her hand on his, he saw her finger moving a little bit. He was shocked and relieved to see that she finally made progress, it was a sign that her body was coming out of the coma-like state. He was right that nothing is more powerful than love. The wish to accomplish her parents' dreams and become the girl they wanted her to be, encouraged her to wake up.

He called the doctors immediately to monitor her condition. They checked her condition and concluded that she was indeed coming back to consciousness but the process was slow because the effect of the poison was still present in her body and it stopped her from recovering at the normal speed, so they had to be very patient. They also said that after researching they found out that the effect of the poison on her brain could be a memory loss...

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    《Opposite Worlds》