Opposite Worlds
61 At her weakes
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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61 At her weakes

*In the hospital*

Slowly her body which had turned blue due to the poison returned to its normal color. The doctor came for her checkup the second time after the operation, he was relieved on seeing her come back to normal condition. He had noticed that she was poisoned and had gone to call other doctors to consult as they didn't even know what poison it was. But now that she was given the antidote by Troy, they didn't need to worry. The doctor tried to call Noah and Troy but no one picked as they had already left for Asia. At that very moment, James entered the hospital room and the doctor greeted him respectfully as everyone in America knew about James Rong.

"Hi, I'm her relative." James said greeting the doctor. "How's her condition?"

"Sir the bullet has been taken out through operation and recently a new type of poison was injected into her body. We still don't know how we're still investigating the case. But seeing her condition it seems that either the poison's effect reduced or the antidote was given."

James was really angry about the fact that a patient was poisoned and the doctors didn't even know-how.

"What kind of hospital is it? You guys don't even know if the patient is safe or not." James shouted at the doctors. The doctors were speechless as they knew that they had been careless this whole time.

James called his private doctors and ordered them to get the hospital room ready at the Rong palace with all the required types of equipment. He then told that hospital doctor to discharge her from the hospital as soon as possible. He ordered his men to shift her to the palace.

She was taken to the Rong palace as soon as possible and a specialized team of doctors was appointed to monitor her condition.

The doctors, after doing a complete checkup, told James that her body was already weak due to the injuries and operations and the poison had made it even weaker and there were chances of some brain damage but there was nothing they could do for now as they weren't sure what the impact was and it could only be clear after she regained consciousness. They could do nothing but wait for her to regain consciousness.

James was helpless. He told the doctors that there shouldn't be any other complications.

The doctors monitored her closely and were a little worried when she didn't wake up even after 2 days. They thought that it wasn't a good sign and if this continued she could slip into a coma. They told James to talk to her and encourage her to wake up as it also depended on her will.

James agreed to do so immediately, for he wanted her to get well quickly. She was his niece and his most loved brother's only daughter. He wanted to cherish her like his own daughter. He went into her room which was decorated the way Aaron had wished it to be. Before she was born, Aaron and Lucy made a lot of plans for her but weren't able to fulfill them, so now James was doing that work for them, making her have the life they wished.

The room was painted in light purple, which was coincidentally her favorite color. The curtains were dark purple in shade. There were small white lights on the ceiling. The bed was cream in color and the bedsheets were violet in shade. The curtains were open so that her body could get some sunlight. She was lying on the bed, her body the palest it had ever looked. Several drips and pipes attached to her body. There wasn't even a single moment in her body, it was similar to a dead body. Her body was a lot thinner than before. Although she was very strong both mentally and physically, right now she was at her weakest. There were a lot of machines kept beside and behind here bed, machines that kept her alive for now. The wounds on her body were still not recovered but instead, they worsened due to a lot of movement.

James felt sorry for her, he regretted not finding her sooner. He regretted as he remembered the promise he made to Aaron that he would find her and protect her. He couldn't find her all these years as Sam hid her identity too well. But now that he did, he won't let anything happen to her. He got tears in his eyes but he wiped them off as the doctors told him to be cheerful in front of her.

"Hey Meera, I'm James. I'm your uncle." He said and tried to sound as normal as he could. He kept talking to her for a long time about how this world was really beautiful and it wasn't good to just give up on it. But it was all useless.

At last, he ordered his bodyguards and the doctors to leave the room as he was going to talk about something he avoided all these years, her parents...

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    《Opposite Worlds》