Opposite Worlds
60 Never see her again
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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60 Never see her again

Sam was sitting on the chair, tapping his finger on the armrest, waiting for Noah to make a choice, either save Meera's life or have his freedom.

"Time is running." He said reminding him to make a choice quickly as only 2 minutes were left. The poison takes action in 15 minutes and if the antidote is given after this, it would be useless. So he had only 2 minutes to make a decision.

"Fine!" Noah said suddenly. "I'll work for you and you let her life but I have some conditions."

"Say it." Sam said and was quite interested in what he would ask for as it was similar to a death wish.

"No one, Troy, the trio or anyone from your side, would come near Meera, you won't even try to hurt her again..." He said when Sam suddenly interrupted him by saying, "Until you stay away from her.", reminding him that her life depended on his behavior.

"Fine, I won't come near her. I won't ever contact her, I'll do whatever you ask but please save her." He begged him at the end.

Sam smiled as he finally won, he got his biggest pawn back, the one that leads him to success. He was going to give Noah the throne and make him his puppet. He'll make all the decisions and Noah would execute them.

He called Troy and told him to give her the antidote and then head towards the airport.

Troy did as he was told, he took the second bottle out of the bag which was the antidote of the poison and injected it into her body, and then walked out of the hospital without anyone noticing him. He then drove to the airport where he was going to meet Sam.

"Let's go, we have to get back to Asia today only," Sam said and stood up to go to his car.

"Wait, can I write a letter to her?" Noah asked and Sam tilted his neck, giving him a warning that they just made a deal for her life and he couldn't tell her anything about it.

"Relax I won't tell her anything about his deal." He said and Sam nodded.

"Bye James, take care of your niece properly and be careful that she doesn't end up like your brother," Sam said and turned towards the door, leaving James helpless as he couldn't even do anything to stop him. "Also keep her away from me." He warned and walked out of the palace.

Noah quickly wrote a letter and handed it to James.

"Give it to her and please don't tell her about anything that happened today as she will try to come for me and I don't want that, so keep it a secret, for her safety." He said and also gave him her location.

"You love her, don't you?" James asked and patted his shoulder.

"More than myself." Noah replied and it was the reason he was doing all this, giving up on his freedom. For him, it was enough that she was alive as he couldn't see her die because of him.

"She'll be hurt if she finds out what you did." James said and was sad as he realized how much it would hurt her to know that he gave himself up for her life.

"Then don't let her find out the truth." Noah said with a smile and ran towards the cars in which everyone was sitting.

They all then went to the airport and met up with Troy there.

"So you finally gave up. Man, you can't run away from your fate, no matter how much you try, you can't change your destiny." He advised him.

But Noah just stood there silently and was thinking about what her reaction would be on reading his letter if she would be angry or heartbroken. He thought that most likely she would hate him.

He thought that maybe this was their fate, maybe they were not meant to be. Maybe these two opposite worlds were just not meant to collide and if they did, it would only cause destruction. So it was better if they separated again.

After an hour, they sat on the plane to return to Asia.

What would be her reaction to knowing what happened while she was unconscious???

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    《Opposite Worlds》