Opposite Worlds
59 Her life or your freedom
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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59 Her life or your freedom

*In the hospital*

Meera was taken out of the operation theater and taken into a separate ward. She was still unconscious due to anesthesia and looked pale as her body got really weak due to the injuries.

After some time, the doctor told Troy that he could see Meera. He stood in front of her bed and just watched her lying on the bed unconsciously. He got a message after 10 minutes and after reading that, he walked to the table nearby and placed his bag on it. He opened it and took out injection and a small bottle. He injected the liquid of the bottle into the injection and walked towards her bed. He held her arm and looked at her once.

"I'm sorry." He said and injected the liquid into her body.

*In the Rong Palace*

Sam walked inside the palace and his men blocked the way out. The trio and Noah took out their guns. James's bodyguards covered him immediately and pointed their guns at Sam.

James ordered his men to kill Sam. Sam's men immediately covered him and a fight began. The sounds of the bullets echoed in the palace and men cried in pain on being shot. The window glasses shattered and the bullets stuck in the walls. Sam was overpowered by James's men, all his men got injured and were not able to fight anymore. Sam and only a few of his closest men were the only ones standing straight without any injury. Noah walked towards Sam as he clicked his gun to shoot him.

"You'll regret if you do that." Sam said calmly as if he didn't have any fear, well, he didn't cause he came with a plan.

"I would have regret if I left you alive now." Noah said and loaded his gun, ready to shoot him.

"Fine then let her die." He said, very normally and walked towards Noah.

"What do you mean?" Noah asked and was doubtful that Sam had even more sinister plans up his sleeves.

"I said kill me and let Meera die." He replied and Noah was shaken after hearing and lowered his gun. They all were confused about the fact that how he knew that Meera was alive.

Sam laughed after seeing their shocked faces and said, "You guys are idiots, I mean who can believe a guy who came back after so many years and didn't even give you a proper explanation about where he was."

"Are you talking about yourself?" George asked sarcastically.

"No, It's not that I'm not like that but for now I'm talking about Troy," He said and they all were deeply shaken as they never doubted him. "You think I would let him escape so easily. He is alive because I let him, he's on my side since the beginning and the bomb was a way to get him out of the stupid agency. His coming back was my plan and I didn't expect you guys to believe him so easily. Sorry, but it was your biggest mistake."

"What did you do?" Noah asked, his voice shaking because of the anger and fear that filled inside him.

"Nothing, I just asked Troy to inject poison inside her body." He said calmly as if it was nothing.

"I'll kill you." Noah said loudly and grabbed Sam's collar. He was going to attack him but the trio stopped him.

"Easy boy, her life depends on your behavior." He said and the trio parted Noah from him.

"How can you be so heartless?" James asked.

"Oh, I didn't see you. It's been so many years since I last saw you. Probably when I killed Aaron." He said and walked closer to James.

"Don't you dare speak his name," James warned him and he just laughed in return and then turned around, towards Noah.

"What do you want?" James asked. "I'll give you anything you want just to spare her life."

"I don't want anything, I want him." He said with his finger pointing towards Noah.

"What?!" Noah asked in confusion.

"I want you to work under me, follow all my orders, take over the throne and never contact her again." He said and Noah stared at him in confusion.

"Why don't you do this yourself? Why don't you take over the throne?" Noah asked as he found his demands stupid.

"The boss never reveals himself. Also, I'm dead for the world so you're my biggest pawn to gain power." He said and walked towards Noah.

"You don't have much time. The drug will kill her in 15 minutes and 12 minutes are gone. If Troy doesn't give her the antidote in the next 3 minutes she'll die. Either it's your freedom or her life. Chose your freedom and let her die or save her and give up your freedom and never see her again." He said and sat on the chair, waiting for his answer.

What will Noah choose her life or his freedom???

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    《Opposite Worlds》