Opposite Worlds
58 It“ll be alrigh
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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58 It“ll be alrigh

It was two hours to sunrise and the operation. Meera and Noah were alone in the hospital room. Holding each other's hands, they sat in complete silence. Noah was lost in his thoughts and Meera was looking at him without saying a word. She could feel his hands tremble. She knew he was nervous about what was going to happen, what he had to do.

"It'll be alright." She said squeezing his hands. He finally looked at her and forced a smile. She knew it was useless to say anything to motivate him.

"Promise me," She said suddenly and he looked at her in confusion. "Promise me that no matter what happens you won't leave me." He laughed as he finally realized how concerned she was for him, as this wasn't something she would normally say.

"I won't even think about it." He said and pecked her forehead. He finally smiled properly this time. She was happy that he finally a bit relaxed and 'normal'. They just talked for a long thing then and didn't know when time passed. The time for the operation arrived soon. After the operation started they set out for the place which was going to change their fates.

Sam landed in America and headed for the Rong Palace after making a few calls.

After a three-hour-long car journey, Noah and the trio finally reached the Rong palace. They were asked to wait until the guards asked James for permission to send them in and he rejected. He walked out of the palace to go to the headquarters and they used the chance to convince him to listen to them.

"Sir I need to talk to you." Noah said following him as he walked to his car.

"Sorry I don't have time for random people." He replied coldly and kept walking.

"Sir, please 15 minutes." He begged but was ignored and guards stood in front of them to stop them from reaching their boss.

James was about to sit in his car when Noah said, "Sir if you don't listen to me today you'll regret because Sam is coming back again." He froze on listening to Sam's name and looked at him.

"If you're lying you're dying by my hands." He said and walked inside the palace and told his security to let them in. They all sat in the lobby and he was listening to them with full attention.

"Sir your brother, Mr. Aaron, his daughter...she's alive." James was shocked but kept his calm.

"Do you have any proofs?" He asked doubtfully.

"You can do a DNA test," Noah said and handed him a small bottle that consisted of Meera's blood sample. He sent it to the most advanced labs for the test and ordered to get the results within the next 24 hours.

He asked where she was all these years and they told him the whole story, how Sam tortured her and killed Lucy and she worked in an agency and then all of a sudden, Sam told her that he wasn't her father and tried to kill her right after that and at that time she was going under an operation for removing the bullet that was stuck near her heart.

"She worked for XX agency?" He asked and they nodded nervously. They were shocked by how he knew about the agency. But they didn't know about the history Aaron and Lucy had.

He then asked for her picture. Noah handed it to him and he smiled after looking at it. She looked a lot like her father. All the pieces of the puzzle fitted perfectly, her looking like Aaron, her working for the same agency for which Lucy worked, Lucy being her mother, Sam torturing and hating her and his trip to America right after he tries to kill her. He believed that she was Aaron's daughter. He got tears in his eyes as he remembered his brother and how happy he would have been to see his daughter.

Noah got a message from Troy which said that the operation was over. They realized that it had been five hours since they left.

"The operation ended." He said in relief.

"I want to see her." James said suddenly. They were shocked but it was a hope that he was believing them.

"Of course you can." Noah said happily and passed him a smile.

As they stood up to leave for the hospital. They saw an uninvited guest walking inside the palace, with about 10 men loaded with guns and 5 cars behind. It was Sam...

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    《Opposite Worlds》