Opposite Worlds
57 The Rong Empire
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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57 The Rong Empire

The biggest issue was that there was no information about Aaron Rong on the sites of the agency or the web but only about his business. He was the biggest businessman, he was the owner of the great Rong empire. Rong Empire had business in almost all kinds of markets- from transport to textiles to restaurants. They were famous all around the world. Even though there was no official owner after Aaron's death but their business was still as powerful as it had been before.

Aaron's father was the one who created it and he had two sons, Aaron Rong and James Rong. Aaron was better than James in business and he was the one who took their business to the global level. James admired and supported him a lot and he suggested his father give Aaron the whole business. It began from a small company and later became a great empire with the hard work of both the brothers. Their father gave them equal wealth.

Lucy, Meera's mom was sent to the Rong Empire to gather information. For they had stems in all kinds of businesses so it could help the agency to know about different kinds of methods, locations, and even weapons as they manufactured them as well. She was supposed to stay undercover for a year but in between Aaron fell in love with her and proposed her. The head of the agency thought that it would be easier for her to collect the required information if she stayed near the boss so he told her to agree to the proposal and they got married. She fell in love with him and discovered that she was pregnant as the deadline for the mission approached. She told Aaron and James everything about the mission and the agency. Aaron believed her and promised to protect her and their child. He wrote a will that said that all his wealth and property belonged only to his child.

Sam loved Lucy a lot and when he found out about her going rogue, he set out to kill Aaron. Lucy feared him a lot as she was the only one who had seen the real him so far and he was a psycho. As he was going to shoot Aaron, she begged him to spare Aaron and her child and promised to stay with him. He stopped at first and took her away from him. Aaron tried a lot but was unable to find her.

At the time Meera was born, he was the happiest as she was his key to success. He called Aaron and threatened him to kill his precious daughter. He told him to come to an underground bridge and when he came he told him that he loved Lucy a lot and he could do anything to have her. He shot him heartlessly and sent his dead body to his brother. But as he tried to take over his wealth, he found out that no one except Rong people could inherit the Rong Empire and if no one was alive the Empire would come to an end immediately, stopping all the businesses at once and donating all the money to people suffering from poverty all around the world. Sam was helpless and couldn't kill Meera because of the promise he made to Lucy after he killed Aaron that he won't do anything to her or Lucy would attempt suicide.

Right now James was the one who controlled the Rong Empire, he was the owner of half of the wealth and the rest of the wealth belonged to Aaron heir, Meera. The only way Noah and the trio had to stop Sam was to tell James the Meera was Aaron's daughter the heir of the rest of the wealth.

They went to Meera's ward to discuss the plan that they would prove her identity through a DNA test. Troy offered to do this work but Noah rejected his offer and said he would himself go there to assure that nothing goes wrong. Meera didn't say anything as she knew that according to him this was the only way to prove that he wasn't a burden on anyone.

They all were doing their best to stop Sam but their efforts were going to change everyone's fate.

Will they be able to accept their fate in the future?

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    《Opposite Worlds》