Opposite Worlds
55 Plan failed
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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55 Plan failed

The king was discharging from the hospital that day and Noah went there to receive him with the trio. He was a bit nervous as they were disappeared for the last 2 days as they were taking care of Meera. When they met the king he asked them the reason for not coming to the hospital for the last 2 days. Noah made an excuse that they had something to take care of at the palace as Sam was nowhere to be seen after the day the king was attacked. The king believed him and tried to contact Sam after coming back to the palace. Sam told them that he was in America and was going to take away the property Meera's real father left behind. The trio and Noah were shocked as that was where Meera and Troy were at that time. Noah was stressed as the plan was failed even before starting. They weren't having any contact and the time was slipping from the hands so Noah decided to go there himself.

The trio tried to stop him but he didn't listen to any of them as he was only thinking about Meera. He ordered the butler to get his private plane and he was going take off within an hour. He kept trying to call Meera and Troy but in vain. The trio decided to go with him in the end, for they promised Meera that they would protect him.

Sam was at the airport at the time the king called him. Earlier he was busy taking over the agency Mr.K left behind and now he was going to America to take over what belongs to Meera but will he succeed...

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    《Opposite Worlds》