Opposite Worlds
51 Can“t see her die
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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51 Can“t see her die

Noah was in the hospital and after admitting the king into the hospital he ran out and drove to the mountain cliff. He hated her but there was still a part of him that couldn't see her get hurt. There was also a part that said that she couldn't die so easily. A war was started between love and hate in his mind and both were telling him not to let her die. Love told him to save her and protect her from the world and hate told him to save her and hurt her even more. He followed the conclusion and went to save her not knowing what to do after that, whether fall in love or die in hate.

He drove as fast as he could. Little did he know that the trio was following him. He reached the cliff and went down into the forest.

"Hey, do you even know what you're doing?" Lewis yelled.

"I have to save her." He replied and continued walking down.

"But didn't you say you hated her?" George asked.

"I can't see her die." He responded.

"So can't we." They all said and accompanied him. The trio was feeling sad for double-crossing her as they realized how much she believed them. They were on Sam's side from the start but after staying with Meera they knew what a team was and they realized that they were on the wrong side all this while. They wanted to be with Meera but it was too late, they knew that Sam could hurt their families and they had no choice instead of betraying her. Now they were regretting it like hell, they hurt the person who trusted them the most. They found saving her life the only way to mend their mistakes.

They all searched for her in the forest and were working fast as they knew that the number of injuries she has, she can't survive very long.

"Guys!" Isaac shouted and they all came to him. He looked very frightened. They looked in the same direction as him, they were shaken. Meera's body was in front of them. A lot of blood on her body due to gunshots, knife stabs, and cuts from falling. They were anxious about seeing what they did to her.

"What have we done?" Lewis said and grabbed his hair.

"We can't waste time being sad." George said and rushed to her and checked her pulse. They all were nervous.

"I can feel the pulse but fainter than the normal pulse," He said and was concerned. "We have to take her to the hospital immediately." He shouted and carried her. They sat in the car immediately. Lewis drove as fast as he could. They reached the hospital shortly but it wasn't the same hospital in which the king was admitted as they knew how risky that could be.

They hurried inside and she was promptly taken into the operation theater. They were asked to wait outside. After two hours the doctor came outside and told them that the operation was successful and nearly all the bullets were taken put but the wounds would take a long time to heal. But one bullet was stabbed near her heart and they had to perform another surgery, later on, to take that out. He also told them that she was in a coma due to the loss of oxygen and blood.

They were helpless as she was lying unconsciously on the bed and could only wait for her to wake up to say sorry. The doctor came for a checkup every hour because her condition was crucial but there was no progress. After some time the doctor came out and told them that they could see her.

They were now standing alongside her bed. Her color pale, numerous bandages covering her body, and many tubes and needles pierced in her body. The trio regretted seeing her in this state and started tearing up but Noah stood there still. He was blank and didn't know how to respond. Suddenly, the door was smashed powerfully and it slammed loudly. They all looked in that way. The trio was shaken by seeing the person who caused it, their mouth and eyes wide open. "Troy?!"

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    《Opposite Worlds》