Opposite Worlds
50 Love to hate
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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50 Love to hate

Noah looked straight into her eyes and she could hatred in them.

"You broke my trust. Loving you was my biggest mistake." He said coldly and she smiled at her foolishness. Even after fighting so much, she still lost in the end. Everyone she trusted and loved either left her or turned against her. Noah was irritated by seeing her smile.

"Smile as much as you want as this is your last day." He said and clicked the gun. "I've loved you more than anything but now all I feel for you is hate." He said and placed his finger on the trigger.

"I love you." She said and closed her eyes, tears falling down her eyes but still a smile on her face.

"I hate you." He said and pulled the trigger. He shot her twice heartlessly. She fell on the floor and it seemed that she died, her body was motionless and her eyes were already closed. The others were shocked by seeing what Noah just did. Sam was happy on the inside but acted as if he was concerned for Noah.

"Noah, what have you done?" He asked and came running towards him.

"She deserved it...How's dad?" He asked immediately.

"He's still alive," George said.

"You guys go to the hospital I'll take care of everything here." Sam said and they all agreed and rushed to the hospital.

He smiled and turned towards her body.

"Oh Meera, I told you not to go against me now see where you are. You got the same fate as your mother." Sam said and came closer to where her body was.

"I swore to destroy your life the day you were born and for that, you don't know how many people I killed...your mom, my dad, my brother." He was finally confessing now that she wasn't there to hear him.

"All they did was went against me and be related to you. Oh, how can I forget your first lover...Troy. He was a tough guy but he had to die because he was an eyesore." He said and his eyes looked dark.

"This is what you deserve, cause you can never win against me."He said coldly and ordered his men to take her body away. They dumped Mr. K's body at the back of the warehouse and as for Meera, they were going to throw her off a cliff.

Noah and the others reached the hospital and the king was taken to operation theater immediately. After the operation the doctor told them that the bullet was taken out and he wasn't severely injured. Noah didn't feel a little bit regret for shooting Meera. The same goes for the trio. They all felt kind of relief when Meera was shot. It's true that there a very thin line between love and hate, and they all crossed it long ago.

They drove to the cliff to dump her body. There was a forest below that cliff and a number of wild animals were present in that forest. When they reached the cliff, he went to tell her his last words.

"You were a nice person actually but your only fault was that you were born in the wrong family. You were my biggest enemy and this is what you deserve when you go against me. I wish you never meet me in the next lifetime. Goodbye." He said and threw her down the cliff...

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    《Opposite Worlds》