Opposite Worlds
49 Lost everything
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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49 Lost everything

War was declared between the two brothers, but it wasn't surprising as it was going to happen someday. Sam was angry cause his plan was ruined because of Mr. K and Mr. K was angry because Sam tried to kill Meera.

"Long time no see dear brother." Sam said and smiled sarcastically.

"You don't deserve to be someone's brother." Mr. K said and was disgusted by Sam's play.

"What bad luck I have? My daughter hates me and doesn't call me dad and now even my brother has abandoned me." He said.

"You dug this pit yourself." Meera said. She was becoming weaker every minute as the poison was acting very rapidly. Mr. K looked at her and handed her an antidote.

"Take this it will suppress the poison for some time." He said and she took it immediately but fell onto the ground due to weakness.

"Do whatever you want, today is her death day." Sam said and ordered his men to attack them. Mr. K got alert and ordered his men to attack back. There were gunshots in the room. The trio pushed Mary, Noah and the king under the table. The poison in Meera's body was suppressed and she could see clearly. Noah saw her and thought of a plan to stop all this. He took out the gun that Sam gave him earlier. He slowly walked towards her from behind and put the gun on her head.

"Stop it or I'll shoot her." He shouted to stop this fight.

"Drop the gun, Noah." Mr. K said.

"First ask your men to leave." He said and Mr. K agreed. Meera was his only relative and he couldn't bear to lose her. He ordered all his men to leave. As soon as they left Meera hit Noah with her elbow and kicked him making him fall on his knees. She took away the gun and it was now pointing at him.

"You could have done this before." Sam asked and smiled sarcastically.

"I could have but I wanted this war to end as I want to kill you with my own hands." She said and turned the gun towards him.

"Meera, don't be stupid you can't leave alive if you do this." George advised her.

"I was prepared to die anyway." She replied coldly.

"You were but he wasn't." Sam said and smiled. He pointed the gun towards Mr. K and shot him multiple times. Meera was shocked as this happened too suddenly.

"NO!" She shouted and ran towards Mr. K, he fell on the ground and was having his last breathes.

"Argh!! I...I'm sorry but I have to leave." He said and was in pain.

"No please don't." She said and started crying. The most painful thing is separation from the person you love. Meera lost a lot of people in her life and Mr. K was the only one who supported and protected her but she lost him as well. He was lying in her lap with blood all over. He smiled at her and said, "B...Be strong." and stopped breathing. She was devastated and didn't move for some time.

"Was it so painful?" Sam asked and came closer to her. "He shouldn't have gone against me."

"I hate you." She mumbled.

"What you hate me? No, I hate you more than anything." He said and looked very evil. She looked at him and said, "You'll pay for this." She got up after placing Mr. K's head down carefully.

"And I'll make you pay." She said and pointed the gun towards him. Her eyes were red and pain was visible through them.

"Meera, don't be stupid. Drop the gun." Noah shouted. She placed her finger on the trigger and started pulling it when suddenly the king came in front and as the bullet left the gun it shot him not Sam. They all were shocked, the king fell on the ground. Noah was really shocked and sad.

"How can you do this to me?" He asked Meera.

"You know I didn't intend to do so." She said and was right, she never intended to kill the king.

"I don't care now." He said and bent down. He picked up a gun and pointed it towards her, his eyes were empty and there was no love in them for her. She smiled and closed her eyes, accepting her fate. He pulled the trigger and shot her twice...

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    《Opposite Worlds》