Opposite Worlds
48 It was all a lie
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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48 It was all a lie

"You're the one who turned me into this," She said after he said that she was his biggest enemy. "It was you who turned my life into hell."

"I had to cause I can't tolerate seeing you happy." He said and took out a knife.

"How can you be so cruel? I am your daughter..." She said and tears fell down her eyes. She knew he didn't like it but how could anyone be so cruel to their children.

"You're not." He shouted and stabbed the knife in her arm.

"W...what?" She asked in shock and pain.

"You're just a mistake." He said pressed and twisted the knife, making her feel even more pain.

"W...what do y...you mean?" She asked in pain.

"You're not my biological daughter, you were just a mistake that your mother did during a mission," He said and her whole world came crashing down. The trio standing beside him was also shocked by his confession. "I killed him after I knew about it but couldn't kill you because your mother threatened to kill herself if I did. So I always tortured you cause I hated you. I wanted to make your life hell cause you were the reason why Lucy and I drifted away."

"Then how am I your biggest enemy?" She asked and was breathing heavily, tears falling down her eyes and blood flowing from her arm.

"Your biological father was the most powerful person in America and was more than I am now, he could destroy me easily. So I used you to kill him...I threatened him that I'll kill you if he didn't come there and when he came I killed him. Unfortunately, only his children can own his wealth and they know that you're alive so you're the biggest threat to me but...not anymore." He smirked and opened her ropes.

"Sir this can be dangerous." Isaac warned him.

"The knife I stabbed her with was poisoned and she won't be able to live very long." He said and left the room. The trio was shocked but followed him.

Meera got up from her chair but fell onto the floor, everything started turning blurry, the poison started to act. She felt empty and sad, her whole life was just a lie. But she didn't want to give up yet so she got up and opened the door, it wasn't locked. Everyone was standing out there, they were shocked and kind of terrified on seeing her. She walked towards them but had to lean on the wall as she couldn't walk due to the poison and the wounds.

"Don't worry she's poisoned and hurt, she won't be able to anything," Sam assured them as the others were terrified.

"Don't you know a wounded tiger is even more dangerous." She said and stared directly into his eyes, he got a cold shiver. He signaled his men to attack but suddenly there was a blast they were confused. It was Mr. K his men shot Sam's men. War was declared...

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    《Opposite Worlds》