Opposite Worlds
47 Betrayed
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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47 Betrayed

Mr. K told Meera to be careful of Sam and she assured him that nothing would happen to her. She set off to the palace after messaging the trio to be prepared.

She was driving to there and was still unsure if this was the right thing. She herself didn't know what she was doing and was having a feeling that it all was going to go in vain. It was the only way she saw right now in front of her or we can say she didn't want to see anything else. She knew that it was really dangerous to go there alone without any escape plan but she wanted to end it even by killing herself in this fire that started years ago. She was now fed up with her life and death was the only way out of this pain. She stopped the car outside the palace, taking a deep breath she walked inside.

They were shocked by seeing her. The trio was nowhere to be seen.

"What do you want now?" Noah asked and walked towards her to stop her.

"Nothing from you." She said coldly and walked past him, towards Sam. She took her gun out and pointed it towards him. They all were shocked.

"What are you doing?" Mary asked in fear.

"I'll do nothing if he just says the truth in front of everyone." She replied.

"W...what truth?" The king asked.

"You know it better than me." She said and he flinched.

"Dad what is she saying?" Noah asked him.

"Nothing but nonsense." The king told him. "You're doing it because you're exposed right. We'll let you go, just don't do anything." He said to her and started walking towards her.

"Don't even try to be over smart." She said and shot the gun, it went right past him and they all got terrified.

"The next one will go through your head if you don't start speaking." She said to Sam and put the gun on his head.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said and glanced at the king giving him a signal to do something.

"You're really good at acting since the start right pa…" She was about to say papa to expose him but someone hit her head with a glass bottle, it broke and her head started bleeding. The gun slipped from her hand as the pain was severe. Sam picked up the gun and shot on her leg, she fell onto the ground. Noah was shocked at seeing this; he was angry with her but couldn't see her get hurt. He wanted to save her but was stopped by the king. He just stood there, helplessly. She was in severe pain and fainted.

She opened her eyes after an hour or so, she was on a chair, her arms and legs tied to it. She was feeling pain in the head and her leg. She was still adjusting to the darkness in the room when suddenly the door opened and the trio came inside.

"Did he hurt you guys?" Meera asked and was struggling to open the ropes that tied her.

"George, help me open these ropes."She said and looked up at him.

"He's the one who tied you." Someone said, it was Sam he entered the room and the trio bowed to him. Meera was confused.

"My dear daughter after such a long time you still can't understand that you can't trust someone so blindly but I'm here now to open your eyes." Sam said and came closer to her.

"I don't need you to teach me anything. I hate you the most." She said and looked straight into his eyes without any fear. She knew that she has to face the situation so she decided to face it strongly.

"Talk respectfully with our boss." Lewis said and slapped her really hard.

"Boss?" She said in shock.

"I tricked you Meera." Sam said and started laughing loudly. "You've been played by me all these years. Your team …the people you trust the most all work under me. As for Noah he already believes me enough that he can kill you if I ask him to."

"Why ...why are you doing this to me?" She mumbled. "Why do you hate me so much?" She asked him.

"Cause you're my biggest enemy."

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    《Opposite Worlds》