Opposite Worlds
46 It“s time to fight back
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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46 It“s time to fight back

"What are we gonna do now?" Lewis asked. They were still in the park and were now thinking of a way to get rid of Sam.

"I don't know..." Meera replied in a low voice. "and now I don't even want to do anything."

"But you can't just wait to die." George said.

"Yeah, you have to fight back." Isaac said after him.

"The only way to fight back is by exposing him but there aren't any proves of even his existence." Meera said.

"So, we can make him say the truth." George proposed.

"How can we do that?" Lewis questioned.

"Maybe, by making him angry or drunk." Isaac advised.

"He gets angry whenever I go against him or when his plan is ruined." Meera said and smiled bitterly.

"That's it," George said and clapped his hands. "If you expose him or even pretend to do so he'll get angry."

"Pretend?" They all asked collectively.

"I mean if you just tell him you know about all the things that he did, he'll get anxious and in that he'll make a mistake." He explained.

"Maybe he can even reveal all his deeds and we can record it all as proofs of his existence as well as his crimes." Lewis added after he understood George's plan.

"But it can be risky as he's a psycho when his cover is in danger." Isaac said, concerned about Meera's safety.

"It doesn't matter as long as it can bring an end to all this." Meera said and they all tried to convince her that it was dangerous for her to do it alone but she didn't listen to them.

"Don't worry about me. You know he was always my biggest enemy." She reassured them.

"What about Noah?" George said suddenly to stop her from jumping into the fire. She smiled and looked at them.

"Do you think it matters?" She said and they dropped their heads. They also witnessed how he treated her lately and knew very well that he started hating her and after Meera asks Sam about everything Noah will hate her even more cause he doesn't know anything about Sam's past life. Most likely Noah will think that she making up this whole story to save herself and this can even lead Sam to victory- making Noah kill Meera- because he has already planted a seed of hatred in Noah and now everything she does is wrong according to him. On receiving no answer, she got up and was going to leave the park.

"But what about your promise to Troy?" Lewis asked suddenly and she froze on hearing this. This rang a bell in their heads. They remembered that she promised Troy that she'll take care of herself and never give up when he was going away for training.

"Yeah, you promised not to give up," Isaac added.

"Remember that accepting death is also giving up," George said and the other two agreed.

"If by breaking the promise I can bring him back then that'll be my biggest victory." She said and walked away.

The trio went back to the palace later. She went to the headquarters to get a few weapons, knowing that it wasn't easy to deal with Sam. She told Mr. K that Sam was back. Little did he knew that she was going to make the first move the next day. But will she succeed?

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    《Opposite Worlds》