Opposite Worlds
45 We“re sorry Meera
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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45 We“re sorry Meera

She was sitting in the park and suddenly the trio came there.

"Meera we're really sorry," George said as they stood in front of her.

"We acted without thinking of the consequences and now you're suffering because of us," Lewis said and lowered his head.

"But can you please tell us the reason for this sudden change?. Maybe we can help you." Isaac said and she nodded. They came and sat around her.

"You know I hate my father, right?" She said after wiping away her tears.

"Yeah you told us once that he used to torture you," Lewis said and the other two agreed with him.

"It's not just that… Actually Mr. K didn't do anything; it was my dad who killed my mom, my grandfather, and everyone who went against him. He was the one who caused that fire. He wanted the throne but couldn't get it because my grandfather asked his men to kill him before all this so he asked his most trusted man, David to take over the thrown after he killed the prince and ran away himself. He returned when everything went back to normal and destroyed the peace by killing everyone in that fire."

"You mean that the king works for your father?" Lewis asked as he was a bit doubtful and her reply was positive.

"Oh man this is a big conspiracy," Isaac said in amuse.

"I can't believe we doubted Mr. Jin," George said to the other.

"But how were you so sure that he didn't do anything wrong," Isaac asked out of curiosity.

"Mr. K was his undercover name before and that's why my mom mentioned it in her diary. As for the attacks, someone was pretending to be him because his fighting style was totally different from him. You know how much my uncle loved me, so if that guy was actually my uncle he won't ever harm me." She explained.

"That makes sense," George said and they now believed everything.

"This all is so unbelievable," Lewis said and his eyes were wide open.

"Let me tell you something even more unbelievable." She said and they nodded, asking her to continue.

"Noah's uncle, his name is Sam and he's actually my dad." She said and looked away as she knew what was going to happen. They shocked and said 'What!' very loudly at the same time.

"Why didn't you tell us about it?" Isaac asked.

"Wait, is that why you were acting differently recently?" George asked as now the chains were connecting to each other. She nodded

"Because no one knows how dangerous he is better than me. Noah was his new pawn to control everything and I was an obstacle in achieving that because he was now starting to go against them. So it was now necessary for him to destroy me and it's his habit to destroy everyone around his target. So it was better if you guys hated me." She said.

"What about you then?" Lewis asked.

"Either I would have to run or he'll kill me. But from what he said before he's going to make Noah kill me to destroy me completely." She said calmly as if it a very simple thing. They were shocked by her reply.

"You're stupid you know," George said to her.

"We're a team and a team always works together," Lewis said to encourage her.

"If we have to die we'll die together," Isaac said.

"I won't let that happen." She said and looked back at the sky.

"By the way were you crying because you felt bad for hurting us?" George tried to tease her and two smiled.

"I felt just a little sad which is not enough to make me cry." She said and they were pissed off.

"Then why were you crying, your majesty," Isaac asked.

"I just miss him." She said.

"Who, Noah?" Lewis asked.

"Troy. I wish I could see him again." She said and a tear ran down her eye.

"You're still not over him, are you?" George asked her.

"I thought I could forget him after being with Noah. But the more I stay with him, the more I realize that he's not him. I could never pretend in front of Troy, he knew me inside out but Noah doesn't understand me even if I show my true feelings to him." She said.

"I know he was really special for you but you have to accept reality," Lewis said and rubbed her shoulder.

While Meera and troy turned 16, he was sent to another country for training but after they landed their bus was blasted. It was said that everyone died in the blast but Meera still has hope that he will return. A few weeks after this incident, her mom and grandfather died in the fire, and Sam ran away. All these incidents made her almost emotionless. But now her worst memories are coming back to reality.

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    《Opposite Worlds》