Opposite Worlds
43 Drifting away
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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43 Drifting away

After going back, the trio told everything to Noah who was angry after knowing that Meera was lying to him all this while. She came back after 30 minutes as she had to walk all the way from the headquarters to the palace which was outside the city. She had no money to take a cab as she left in a hurry earlier. Her feet started hurting because of walking so long.

She entered the palace and Noah was sitting on the sofa in the front.

"I'm sorry it so long." She said as she knew he would be a little angry.

"Don't worry after all you need time to plan against us." He said with a serious face.

"I…I'm not." She said and was shocked that he would believe in the rumor so easily.

"STOP LYING!" He shouted and she flinched at his sudden reaction. "If you do anything to harm my family I won't forgive you." He warned her. She closed her fists tightly as his tone was similar to Sam's. He left after this.

"This exactly how you should be treated." Someone said from behind. She started shaking as soon as he heard this voice. It was from Sam.

"I'm back my 'Dear Daughter'." He said in her ear and she backed away.

"Why are you afraid of me? Too sad I came here just for you." He said and stepped towards her. She stepped back, tears started running down her eyes. He was getting close.

"Uncle?" Noah said from behind and Sam turned towards him. Meera wiped away her tears immediately.

"You were coming tomorrow right?" Noah asked.

"I wanted to surprise you." He replied and hugged him.

"Who is she by the way?" He asked.

"She's just a bodyguard," Noah replied and took him to meet everyone.

She looked up and smiled but tears ran down her eyes.

"Isn't this what you wanted so what's the point of crying over It." She said to herself and wiped her tears.

As she walked towards the dining area, she saw that everyone was really happy. Sam pulled her to a corner where no one could see them.

"You'll have the same fate as your mother… your lover will kill you." He said and now she totally believed that Mr. K was telling the truth. She smiled bitterly as he left. Noah walked up to her and took her outside.

"Meera what's wrong with you? Tell me why are you doing this?" He said.

"W… What?" She said as she was confused about what else she did.

"You know Mr. K tried to kill me, then why are you still in touch with him?" He asked.

"It's my personal matter." She said and tried to avoid the conversation by going from there. He threw the glass which was in his hand on the floor and pulled her back by grabbing her arm tightly. Everyone's eyes were on him now.

"What? Now you're afraid that you're exposed?" He asked and tightened his grip. "You can't face me now? Or you're eager to go back to him? Who is he though, your lover?" He said and looked at her with anger in his eyes.

"He's my uncle." She shouted at him as she couldn't take his blames anymore. He loosened his grip after hearing this and stepped back. Everyone was shocked on hearing this.

"It's said that blood is denser than water. I'm seeing this with my own eyes. You're the same as him…a traitor." He said looking straight into her eyes. He looked in her eyes but he couldn't see the pain that they held.

"You know what…" He said and came closer to her ear. "You don't deserve to stand here." He said in a heartless tone. She smiled to hide her tears and left the room.

"Son, you did the right thing. She didn't deserve you at all." The king said and hugged him.

"He's right after all you don't belong neither to this place nor to him." She said to herself and walked out of the palace without knowing where to go….

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    《Opposite Worlds》