Opposite Worlds
42 Having feelings is a sin
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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42 Having feelings is a sin

The glass broke into pieces and Mr. K knew that Meera got some news about Sam.

"Babe what was that sound?" Noah asked in a concerning tone.

"N...Nothing someone just broke a cup." She said and was feeling a lump forming in her throat and found it difficult to speak. She was on the verge of tears.

"OK I'll talk to you later bye." She said hurriedly and ended the call.

She lowered her head and took deep breathes. She was trying really hard to control her tears and fear. She saw the broken pieces of glass on the floor and grabbed a handful of the pieces and closed her fist tightly. This pain was reminding her to be strong and hold back her tears. The glass caused cuts on her hand and blood started coming out of the wounds. Mr. K got up from his chair on seeing her wounds.

"Meera is he alive?" He asked slowly. She nodded and was trying really hard to endure the pain of the wounds, which she was increasing by gripping even harder, and her past, which was now coming towards her to destroy her present. She started shivering and suddenly fell onto the floor. Mr. K and his assistant rushed to her. They took her to his wife, June. She worked in the agency as a doctor. She also knew about Meera. She was shocked at seeing her condition. Her hand full of blood and glass pieces stuck in it, her heartbeat really high and she was shivering. She gave her an injection to calm her and to regulate her heartbeat. Mr. K called George and asked him to come with the other two but warned him not to tell Noah anything.

After some time, Meera woke up and June was sitting next to her. She was dressing her hand after plucking out all the glass pieces.

"Meera why do you keep hurting yourself like this?" She asked her.

"To prevent my feelings from controlling my mind." She answered looking at the ceiling.

"Having feelings is not a sin." She said and was trying to convince her that it was wrong.

"For me it is a sin. My feelings make me weak… especially in front of him." She said and June stopped dressing her wound on hearing this.

"That's why you're like this?" She asked and Meera looked outside. "See I also know what you went through and you have to be strong if he comes in front of you but look at you, you had two panic attacks after you got news about him. Hurting yourself won't help, you have to get this fear out of yourself." June said and patted her shoulder. She left after she finished dressing her wound. The trio entered the room after she left.

"Meera you know he tried to kill you but still you're talking with him?" George asked as he got to know that she was with Mr. K all this time.

"It's my personal matter, it's better if you don't interrupt." She said as she got up from the bed and she said so because she didn't want them to get hurt with her.

"But you have to give us an explanation," Lewis said and was offended by what she said.

"I don't want to." She said and moved towards the door.

"Are you conspiring against everyone with him?" Isaac said as he now was suspicious of her behavior.

"You can think whatever you want." She said and left the room.

The trio was worried after seeing her change. They got suspicious that she changed sides and was now with Mr. K. She had to go back by herself now and was walking outside the agency when she saw the trio go back in their car.

"I'm sorry but I have to make you hate me to protect you." She said as she knew that her life was a kind of game which could end anytime and being with her was really dangerous for them, especially now. Because earlier also Sam distanced everyone from her by killing them. She didn't want them to get hurt because of her and for that she was ready to be bad in their eyes. Far away from Asia, there was someone else also who was waiting to meet her...her first love.....

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    《Opposite Worlds》