Opposite Worlds
41 Her biggest fear
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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41 Her biggest fear

Her hands started shaking after hearing that her father might be alive. Her breathing became unstable and started feeling dizzy. Mr. K immediately ran to her and told her to take deep breaths.

"Meera calm down. It's not even sure if he's alive." He said and made her sit on the ground. He held her hand and she gripped it tightly.

"Don't be afraid I'm there for you. I'll protect you." He said and hugged her tightly. Slowly her breathing became normal and she stopped shaking. She pulled away from the hug and now looked at him.

"You're in this state when I said he might be alive, what'll happen if someday he actually shows up," He said and she closed her fist tightly. "I know you're terrified of him after all he always tortured you. But you have to be strong. The reason why I let you join the agency secretly was to make you strong enough so you could face him." He said and rubbed her hand.

"I know, you always tried to take me out of that hell but I the fear he put in me since the day I was born can be hidden but not avoided." She said and tears started falling from her eyes.

Sam always wanted a boy so he could give him his teachings and make him walk on the same path as himself. But to his surprise a daughter was born. He always considered girls weak and that's why he hated Meera and she never got her father's love. She always stayed with her mother and she taught her good things. Because of some complications during pregnancy her mother couldn't get pregnant again and Sam blamed Meera for that as well. He started torturing her from the very childhood. At first it was locking her in dark rooms and not giving her food but as it went on the torture increased and he started beating like burning her hand, letting her stay outside on a snowy day, drowning her in water, beating her with the stick. Her mother couldn't do anything about this as she loved him a lot and didn't want to leave him. At some point she also started thinking that Meera was the cause of everything and even tried to kill her a few times but always gave up. But she still loved her. Her uncle, now Mr. K, always felt pity for Meera and tried to protect her. Her mother when she realized that Sam was wrong, she asked Meera's uncle to train her to be an agent so she could protect herself. At that time, she asked him to take care of Meera but he had to change his face but he always protected her as Mr. Jin. Meera became the best agent but the person she's the most afraid of is her dad as he is her worst nightmare. Even now she has dreams about her past.

*In the Palace*

Noah reached the palace and everyone was relieved on seeing him. The king hugged him as soon as he saw him. The trio was shocked as they remembered the words he said to Meera. He had tears in his eyes and they thought that he was lying earlier when he said that he didn't care if Noah died. "Where's Meera?" George asked Noah.

"She said she had something to take care of, that's why she left to somewhere else." He replied.

"Noah your favorite uncle is coming home." The king said and asked the servants to prepare his room. After that the king left. Noah seemed really happy on hearing this.

"Who's is this uncle?" Lewis asked.

"He's dad's close friend and my favorite uncle," Noah replied with a smile. After that they all got engaged in their own works.

*In agency's headquarters*

"Do you think he's alive?" Mr. K asked Meera and gave her a cup of coffee.

"I think he is, the person who tried to kill us wasn't you cause that wasn't even your fighting style and nobody else is so much against you that he tries to frame you by becoming you." She said and was looking through the evidence.

"I sent you to the King because I wanted you to know about this on your own but I got framed in the end." He joked.

"Cause this is what he wanted." She said and started looking at the file that had information about the king's family.

"There's nothing in it. We investigated again and again but found nothing suspicious in his family, even with long lost relations. " He said and got up from his chair.

"We're missing something." She said and sipped her coffee.

"Get the information about anything suspicious that occurred in the palace." Mr. K asked his assistant. Meera got a call from Noah and signaled everyone to be quiet. She answered the call.

"Hi baby!" He said in a sweet voice and Mr. K chuckled as he heard what he said.

"Hi!" She replied and glared at Mr. K.

"Where are you it's been so long since I came home?" He asked in a concerning voice.

"I have something really important to do." She said and was about to say bye.

"OK fine but come back by night because tomorrow my uncle Sam is coming home." He said in a cheerful voice and the cup slipped from her hand as she was too shocked on realizing that her biggest fear came true.

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    《Opposite Worlds》