Opposite Worlds
39 A lie or a new twis
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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39 A lie or a new twis

"What do you mean?" Meera asked the king.

"You don't have the right to question." He answered coldly.

"Being his girlfriend I do." She said looking straight into his eyes.

"But I don't accept you as his girlfriend. If you want to disobey my order then there's no need to come here again, for you and for Noah." He said and left the room. They all were shocked by his words.

"You three stay and protect everyone, I'll go save him." She said and went to change her clothes and to prepare her weapons.

" But what if something happens to you, we should come along." Lewis asked nervously after she came back wearing black clothes and holding two guns.

"Just do as I say, nothing will happen I promise." She said and left.

She checked Noah's location again to see if Mr. K had changed it and he did, now it showed the headquarters of their agency. She drove off to the headquarter and reached there in half an hour. It wasn't protected even the normal guards were not there. She parked the car and went inside, it looked quite dark at first but as she started moving the lights kept turning on automatically. She searched the whole building but no one was there.

At last she went into the basement and saw everyone there including Mr.K and Noah who was tied on a chair. She took her gun out as soon as she entered. Mr. K's men also took their guns out on seeing her but Mr. K stopped them and told them not to take any actions. She was confused but didn't let her guard down. Mr. K stood up from the chair he was sitting on this whole time and moved towards her.

"What do you want?" She asked pointing the gun towards him.

"Meera I just want to talk to you. I'll leave Noah if you just listen to me once." He said.

"That's all you want?" She asked. He nodded.

"But don't play any tricks." She said and lowered her gun.

Mr. K ordered his men to release Noah and take him outside. Now only Meera and Mr. K were in the basement.

"What do you want to say?" She asked looking at him as they both sat on chairs facing each other.

"Listen I know that you think I'm bad and want to kill Noah. But it's not true." He said in a serious tone.

"What do you mean?" She asked and looked at him with confusion.

"I have a reason for that." He explained.

"What reason?" She asked and was getting suspicious now.

" Have you noticed anything weird about the king?" He asked and she was confused about how the king was related to this matter.

"I guess, today he said that he didn't care if Noah died and that he was now of no use to him." She said.

"It's because he's the real villain and he's not even a real king, he stole this empire." He said with a serious look.

Meera was shocked at hearing this. She was in a dilemma about whether to believe him or not. She found it reasonable that the king was hiding something but couldn't believe that he was the villain also because it was Mr.K who was claiming this. She decided to investigate this matter herself.

"Do you have any proof for that?" She asked to know if she could get some information from him.

" No but believe me I'm not lying." He said in his defense.

"You always lied to me so how can you think that I'll believe you." She said and left the basement.

*In the palace*

Only the King, Mary, and the trio were in the palace. Mary was worried about Noah and Meera. The trio was comforting her by saying that they should believe in Meera. The trio wasn't worried for her but for Mr.K.

The king was in the other room and was sitting in total darkness. He got a call from an unknown number. He picked the call.

" How's the plan going?" A man with a slightly deep yet old voice asked.

"Sir we're going to fail, he rebelled for the first time today." The king replied slowly as if he was afraid of that man.

"How can you let that happen?" That man asked in anger.

"Sir it happened because he fell in love with a girl." The king said in a low voice.

"Kill her."That man said without a second thought.

"Sir i...it's your d..daughter...

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    《Opposite Worlds》