Opposite Worlds
38 Mr. K“s back
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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38 Mr. K“s back

The door of the hall was broken due to gunshots. A number of men wearing black clothes came inside the hall. They were holding guns and were also wearing masks. After they came Mr. K and all the men bowed to him.

"I was just thinking that suddenly my life became normal and here you are to destroy the peace," Meera said and walked towards him fearlessly through his gunmen. Noah was standing at the back, a bit worried for her. The gunmen moved in front of Mr. K. But instead of fearing from this, she smiled.

"Are you really hiding behind them?" She asked sarcastically.

"Are you already accepting your defeat?" She asked in order to anger him.

"Wow the head of the XX organization is really afraid of someone?" She said and moved towards him. The gunmen pointed their guns towards her.

"Don't play with fire Meera." One of the gunmen said. They all were from the agency and knew her.

"Just let us do what we want to do." The other said.

"And what if I don't?" She said and took her gun out and pointed it at them, so did the trio.

The four surrounded Noah and Mary. Mr. K smiled and looked very relaxed. Meera suddenly took her second gun out and shot at all the windows one by one. Mr. K was shocked by this. Suddenly there was smoke in the whole room. They couldn't see anything as it was irritating to the eyes so they all had to close their eyes. It didn't last long because the windows were blasted by Meera. When the smoke was all gone they opened their eyes and saw Meera on the floor, unconscious.

*after 30 minutes*

Meera opened her eyes and found herself lying on a bed with Mary sitting beside her and the trio standing behind her.

"Where are we?" She asked as she sat up while holding her head as it was hurting like hell.

"In the palace," Mary answered.

"If you knew what was going to happen why didn't you stop it?" George asked loudly.

"Was there any time to stop?" She asked in a high pitch. "Also his men were going to release the gas so the only option was to lower its effect."

"But how did you faint suddenly?" Issac asked.

"One of them hit my head but I can tell it was intentional as he knows I could have shot his men."

"But what are we supposed to do now?" Lewis asked.

"He already kidnapped Noah." George said in frustration.

"It means I was right." She said.

"About what?" Mary asked.

" He had a motive for coming but we have to find what is it." She said and asked Lewis for her laptop. She checked her location on it and they all were totally confused by her actions. When the location showed it wasn't of the palace where she was right now but of a barren factory. When she blast the windows she also placed her tracker on Noah.

"We have to save him." She said and got out of the bed.

"There's no need."

As she looked up she found out that there was someone else in the room, the King and he said these words. She looked at him with a confused look.

" There's no need to save him, I don't care if he dies. He's of no use to me now.....

Why did he say this??

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    《Opposite Worlds》