Opposite Worlds
36 Fight for your love
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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36 Fight for your love

"What if I don't?" Said Sarah arrogantly and Noah just stood there silently as he had nothing to say. He acted as if he was fearless but he was speechless now as he wasn't knowing how to deal with this. All these days he was running away from the reality that Sarah was the girl he was getting engaged to and that Meera was just his bodyguard, if he wanted to be with her he had to fight. But he just kept avoiding the reality and here it was, standing in front of him like a wall that stopped him from chasing his dreams.

"I get freedom from my controlled life through this marriage so I won't let this opportunity get away," Sarah said looking straight into his eyes. "You love her then fight for her," She said and smiled. "But first think about what'll happen to your father if he knows about this." Noah was silent because he knew his father won't accept her.

*In the changing room*

Meera changed into the dress Noah gave her. It was a knee-length dress and was blue in color. Her hair was tied into a bun by the designer. She was looking very pretty. She looked at herself in the mirror. As I said she was looking pretty but she wasn't looking like herself. She wasn't the bold and fearless Meera but looked more like a rich girl or a princess. She touched her dress and thought, "It's not me. What have I become for a guy who is not even my future? He's getting married to someone else then why is he doing this? As a goodbye present?" Tears ran down in her eyes as she felt the pain of being betrayed again. She knew she was hoping for something impossible, no matter how hard she tried she can't be his future. She wiped away the tears and walked out with a smile.

He saw her and was about to go up to he but Sarah grabbed his arm.

"Hurry up we're already late because of you." She shouted and turned around. Noah just followed her. Meera watched them go out hand in hand. She was hurt but still followed them as she still had some hope that he'll fight back as it was his fight. She could stay with him but couldn't fight his battles for him.

They reached the venue and the King was happy to see Sarah and Noah together. Mary and the Trio were shocked on seeing them together. They asked Meera about it but she didn't say anything. The party started and Sarah and Noah were asked to dance together. Meera stood in a corner quietly. Noah got angry about seeing her like this (not reacting to it) and agreed to dance with Sarah. They went on the stage and started dancing. Meera smiled to hold back her tears. Actually she smiled whenever she was in pain or at the verge of tears to hide her pain in her smile.

Her smile angered Noah even more. He thought that she was happy seeing him with someone else. Meera left the hall and Noah followed her. As she was walking in the corridor he grabbed her arm and pushing her onto the wall.

"Why aren't you doing anything to stop this engagement? Are you happy seeing me with someone else?" He asked her. She was shocked on hearing this, he was expecting her to fight with everyone for him whereas he wasn't even rejecting someone's marriage proposal and not telling anyone about her.

"Why should I? Why not you?" She asked and smiled but was on the verge of crying.

"Cause you should be the one doing it?" He said and it wasn't making any sense. She smiled as he was only thinking of his pain and not hers.

" Why?" She asked looking down.

"Cause you're my bodyguard." He shouted in anger. She laughed at her stupidity for believing in him while he only saw her as a bodyguard. It annoyed him even more.

"You're so happy seeing me with someone else? Fine then I'll marry her only." He said and walked away.

She kept smiling.

"I changed into the one you liked and now even you don't recognize me. Even you can't see through this mask. Unfortunately you don't even try." She said and her smile disappeared. Tears rolled down her eyes but still she stayed quiet and still waited for him to change.

What do you think will he actually give up?

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    《Opposite Worlds》