Opposite Worlds
33 A powerful comeback
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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33 A powerful comeback

*In Paris*

They both were at the airport.

"But why can't I fight?" He whined and kept following her around.

"Cause it's not safe for you." She replied in a frustrating tone as he had been annoying her with the same questions for almost an hour.

"But why?" He asked with a little sadness in his voice. She sighed and turned to face him.

"Cause you're my masterstroke." She said looking away. He looked up in shock.

"What do you mean?" He asked whipping away the tears that formed at the corner of his eyes.

"We can't let anyone know that you're not weak anymore or they'll straightaway attack you. Just let them fight me first and when I'm in danger you can save me and give them a shock." She said cupping his cheeks.

"Fine now?" And he nodded. She smiled and gave him a hug.

*In Asia*

Everyone in the palace was preparing for the ceremony so was Mr. K. He arranged snipers in the palace. Princess Mary was quite nervous and George was comforting her. King David was not very happy.

The palace was decorated as a lot of guests were coming there and it looked extremely beautiful. The guests arrived at 1 in the afternoon and Mr. K was also included in the guests as he was an influential person. The ceremony was in the open area of the palace, the part that didn't have a roof and it was obviously outside the palace like the garden. The ceremony began and first there were a lot of unnecessary ceremonies held like thank you speeches and all. Actually everyone was tired during them.

The actual ceremony started and obviously Mary was getting crowned. Mr. K gave a signal and the sniper got ready he pointed the gun towards Mary. He was about to shoot and suddenly there was a loud noise as if someone started shooting guns. Actually someone did but not the sniper. Suddenly a very loud sound of a helicopter could be heard in the palace. Everyone looked up to see if there was actually one. As they were looking up they saw a helicopter coming towards the palace and to their surprise Meera was sitting on its door with a gun. Earlier she shot the sniper's hand making him drop his gun in order to stop him from shooting. The other snipers got anxious and tried to shoot but she stopped them all in the same way. The helicopter landed and Meera came down first no actually she didn't come down she just jumped as she was already half out of the helicopter. She was followed by Noah. Everyone was relieved after seeing him except one person but I won't tell you who ( Hint: It wasn't Mr. K). The King hugged him.

The ceremony was canceled because of the attack. And obviously now Noah was going to be crowned. They both went inside and the King asked them both to rest for some time.

The next morning he called them and told that he was going to make a big announcement to them. Meera and Noah were kind of nervous. They all were at the dining table. The King, Noah, and Mary sitting while Meera and the trio standing behind.

"Noah I'm happy that you're back." The King said cleaning his hands after having the food, " You're going to be the next king then obviously you'll have a family to pass on the throne to next generation so I've found a girl for you and your engagement will be held next week where I'll inform everyone about your wedding through a grand party..."

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    《Opposite Worlds》