Opposite Worlds
32 Preparing for a comeback
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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32 Preparing for a comeback

The next day the doorbell rang at 7 am and Noah woke up from its sound and saw Meera awake and sitting on the chair. She was working on her laptop.

"Whose coming so early?" He asked in a husky voice.

"Must be the trainer." She said and closed her laptop.

"Wake up we have to go right now." She said and stood up. She then went near the bed and pulled the sheets.

"Get ready within 5 minutes." She said and went out.

He slowly woke and headed to the washroom to freshen up. After a few minutes he came out of the room, wearing new clothes and looking all fresh. He saw a guy sitting on the sofa and Meera was sitting next to him. He introduced himself as Zion. He was also an agent.

They went out for training after getting to know each other. They went to an open area which was actually the training base. They started with a warm-up and did the training after this. Meera just watched them while sitting in a chair. Zion taught Noah the main fighting skills cause they had really less time. He was tired because he was doing it for the very first time.

"Hey, buddy are you tired with only this. It's just the starting ." Zion said encouraging him. They did the training for the whole day and also ate food there only which Noah didn't like at all. Zion told him that Meera was actually the best agent and he will become the best if beats her but that was near to impossible because even people who trained for years couldn't do it and he was just starting.

It was night time and they were really tired now. Noah was feeling pain in his whole body and Meera supported him to walk. They reached home at 8 pm. At home she did the whole work.

"Meera I'll do you should rest." He said and tried to stand but failed because he got cramps in his legs.

"Just stay there and rest." She ordered.

The days went on like this and he was getting better day by day. He learned a lot of fighting skills and also shooting. After some time Meera's stitches were removed and she as well started the training but avoided the intense ones for some time. At the end of the second week she was totally healthy and Noah asked her to do combat with him. They were standing in from of each other and Zion was watching them sitting in a corner. Noah was in a position of attack but she was all standing all relaxed. He attacked first. He was going to punch her face and was expecting her to dodge it but she got a grip of his arm before that and winked at him and in a blink he was on the floor.

"Wait what did you just do?" He asked in confusion.

"She first grabbed your arm weakening your attack and with her foot she made you lose your balance by kicking it and then pulled your arm making you fall," Zion explained.

"Would you like to fight me?" Zion asked and she agreed and said, "Just don't cry if you lose."

This time Noah sat in a corner and watched them. It was an intense fight and both were obviously injured but she won because she was quite faster than him. Noah was amazed after seeing it.

"Wow you're still the same." Zion complemented.

"We shouldn't change good habits. She said.

The last week only Meera helped Noah with the training as Zion had to go for a mission. Time passed and the crowning ceremony was just a day away. They are going to Asia the next day.

"I didn't expect this to happen so fast," Noah said as they were watching the view from their balcony.

"Are you sure, the life with me is not going to be easy?" She asked hesitantly.

"I'll rather live a life full of difficulties with you but not an easy one without you." He said looking into his eyes.

"Then let's do it..." She said and they smiled. "...together" And he hugged her.

Hey guys, so it's the end of volume 1 'How they met' and the next volume will start uploading from next week i.e., Monday so stay tuned. The next volume is actually more interesting as new and big secrets are going to open up. The first part was about how they meet and fall in love but the second part is going to be all about revenge and the truth that everyone's unaware of. Don't hate me for bringing a new twist.

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    《Opposite Worlds》