Opposite Worlds
27 Finally together !!
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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27 Finally together !!

"Cause I love you damn it ." She shouted with tears in her eyes. She teared up and fell on her knees. He smiled a bit and then hugged her tightly. He caressed her head and tried to calm her. After some time she stopped crying but still buried her face into his chest.

"Meera is it wrong to love someone?" He asked as he looked towards her. She shook her head slowly.

"Then why are you taking it as a mistake and you are pushing me away as if you're correcting that mistake?" He asked.

"No." She said as she slowly looked up.

"I'm afraid." She said after a moment.

"Of what Meera? The Meera I know isn't afraid of anything." He said wiping off her tears.

"Of hurting you." She exclaimed," You're the only one I trust and I love you the most. That's why I'm afraid that you'll be in danger because of me cause my whole life is like a race. I have a lot of enemies and you'll be my only weakness. You have a bright future in front of you, I'm afraid that I'll be the one holding you back. I'm afraid of being the reason for your wounds. So it's better if I push you away." She said and teared up as she felt the pain of being separated.

"Meera I love you and I want to be your biggest strength not your weakness. And the future you talk about is not what I want. Separating from you is a thousand times more painful than the wounds that I get cause you'll be there when I get hurt." He said cupping her cheeks and wiped her tears.

"I'm sorry." She said and hugged him.

"I just don't want you to get hurt." She said softly with a pout.

"And what about you? Won't you be hurt seeing me with someone else?" He asked lifting her face.

"I'll just endure that pain as long as you're safe and happy." She said with a smile.

"You're an idiot." He said as he hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry for letting you suffer so much but I promise I won't leave you and I'll be strong so I can protect you." He said.

"Ouch." She said suddenly.

"What happened?" He asked worriedly and pulled away the hug to look at her immediately.

"My wounds hurt a bit." She said with a painful look on her face as she put her hand on her wound.

"Who the hell told you to come here and drink so much?" He shouted in anger.

"Why do you make me so worried?" He asked as he carried her in bridal style.

"Don't blame me you're the one who hugged me so tightly." She said and he stopped immediately after hearing this.

"Oh really Did I hurt you?" He asked and stared at her blankly. She started laughing.

"You're so cute." She said and kissed his cheek.

"What?" He asked in frustration as he was confused.

"I was joking. It isn't hurting anywhere." She said laughing.

"I hate you." He said as he was annoyed.

"I love you too." She said and he stared at her.

"Why did you say that when I said the opposite of it ?" He asked.

"Wasn't that what you mean? Don't you love me?" She asked and pouted. Suddenly he pecked on her lips. She was shocked.

"Why did you do that?" She asked when she came back to her senses.

"Cause you looked really cute and I couldn't resist falling for it." He answered boldly.

"I hate you." She said loudly.

"I love you too." He said smiling widely.

"You're shameless." She said.

"Only when I'm with you." He teased her and she hid her face in his chest and he laughed.

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    《Opposite Worlds》