Opposite Worlds
25 Close but far away
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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25 Close but far away

1 A day passed and Meera and Noah didn't talk much. She'd just look outside or read something and he'd sit in a corner and not even try to talk to her cause he didn't want to be called irritating once again at least not by her. The doctor came for a check-up.

"Doc when will I be discharged ?" She asked.

"Not till the end of this week." He answered.

"What if I want to earlier ?" She asked.

"Meera but your wounds are still not healed," Noah told her.

"Did I ask you anything?" She said coldly and he became quiet again.

"O...OK you can go but you have to take care of yourself properly." The doctor said and she nodded indicating a yes.

"Okay then I'll get the discharge papers ready." The doctor said and left the room.

Meera looked away from where Noah was standing more like she was avoiding eye contact. The doctor came back with the papers after some time, she signed it and they left the hospital after some time. They took a taxi and she told the driver the address. After that there was silence again. On the way, they got new phones and a few clothes. After an hour or so they reached their destination which was actually a tall building. Their new house was inside that on the 10th floor. Obviously Noah carried her from the taxi to the reception, where they got their keys and then to the apartment. When they entered everything was already arranged for staying.

"I'll go to buy medicines." He said and headed out. It seemed as he was avoiding her.

She let out a sigh after the door closed.

"I'm sorry but I promise it's going to end today. Cause today I'll make the last move and I think you won't even want to see me again after this." She said and was at the verge of crying but still held back her tears.

*2 hours later*

Noah came back to the apartment. He took so much time because he didn't want to disturb her and also now it was night time so they definitely don't have to communicate much. He opened the door but she was nowhere to be seen. He tried to call her and after so many ringtones she picked up the call.

"Hello." A man said and loud music could be heard in the background.

"Uh Hi isn't this Meera's phone," Noah asked politely.

"Oh you mean that Asian girl?" That man asked.


" Are you her friend ?" That guy asked.

"Yeah can you tell me where's she?" Noah asked.

"Dude you gotta hurry up cause she's damn drunk. "

"Where are you right now," Noah said hurriedly.

"Um it's XX bar." He answered and Noah ended the call.

"What is she doing in a bar?" He thought and rushed to that bar.

He reached there in 15 minutes. He met the guy he talked on the phone and he pointed towards her. Noah turned around and saw her sitting in the corner table. Her head was on the table and there were many glasses of alcohol on it. He rushed to her and carried her on his back and headed out of that place.

"Meera why do you always make me worried?" He asked as they left that bar.

"Ugh who are you?" She asked in frustration as she woke up due to his voice.

"I'm Noah."

"Oh you mean that idiot."

"You're a fool drinking so much in this state."

"No I'm smart."

"Why so?"

"Cause I fooled you from the very beginning...

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    《Opposite Worlds》