Opposite Worlds
23 Unexpected Confession
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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23 Unexpected Confession

As soon as Noah saw blood on his hand, he realized that the doctor advised Meera to take bed rest for at least a week but she ignored it and moved a lot. He carried her and rushed to the nearest hospital.

She was examined immediately and after that the doctor told him that the stitches opened due to moving a lot which caused bleeding and she fainted because her body became really week due to the injuries. Noah felt really bad for not taking good care of her. She woke up after some time and Noah helped her sit properly.

"What happened to me?" She asked still feeling a bit dizzy.

"You fainted at the road because the stitches opened. I'm sorry for not taking good care of you." He said looking down.

"No, It's not your fault. It was me who didn't want to be a burden on you that's why I walked on my own." She said in the hope that he'll not feel guilty anymore.

"Didn't you feel pain?" He asked and she nodded.

"Then why the hell didn't you tell me?" He shouted at her and stood up.

"I was blaming myself all this while but it was you who didn't want help due to pride." He said loudly and now she lowered her head in guilt.

"I'm sorry." She said pouting.

"In return you can take care of me as long as you want." She said in a hurry without thinking of the consequences.

"Really!" he said excitedly and bent down to her. She nodded and he smirked.

"Fine from now I'm your boss and you can't even move without my permission." He said in an ordering tone.

"Okay..." She said hesitantly. "...Boss" He felt proud hearing this word.

The rest of the day he did everything for her. He didn't let her move at all and obviously she felt bored. It felt like a prison for her. In the end, she decided to sleep for some time. He was outside to ask about the medicines and she told him that she'll send the doctor there later. He came back and sat beside her and just stared at her, admiring her beauty.

"Somehow I feel that you're more beautiful than all the girls I met till now." He said without thinking anything and it was like words were just coming out of his mouth on their own.

"I wish we could just spend our life together being each other's support without any worries. I wish I had courage to tell my father about the things that I want and to protect you. You, the girl I'm falling for, and honestly I don't really wanna stop this cause it's the only decision I took on my own. So no matter what happens it won't change that your the only one I'll fall for." He said while caressing her hand.

Later on the doctor called him outside to tell him about the medicines . She opened her eyes after he went outside. A tear ran down her cheek.

"Noah why are you making things so difficult for me?" She said as she heard everything he said.

"You're wishing for something impossible. You're wishing for two opposite worlds to meet and immerse into each other but what you don't know is that when two such worlds meet it only causes destruction, destruction which will destroy both the worlds. So I have to stop that from happening even if I have to make you hate me .....

Actually it was not like Meera didn't fall for him, She did but not totally. Cause after so many betrayals she built her walls really high but she forgot that he was actually a rose that climbed those walls.

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    《Opposite Worlds》