Opposite Worlds
22 Promise
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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22 Promise

After a really long flight they both finally landed in Paris. And obviously they didn't bring any luggage with then except a small bag that Noah was wearing.

"Ahh! It was so tiring to sit for so long." Noah said stretching himself as they walked out of the airport. While Meera was just normal as usual.

"Meera why did you book seats in economy class?" He asked as they started walking.

"Cause I'm poor." She replied with a blank face.

"Okay so you should have asked dad for some money." He suggested.

"I have always learned to live on myself not on someone else's earnings. So thank you , next." She said sarcastically.

"You know what this is the reason why I like you and find you attractive out of all other beautiful girls cause you are different from everyone." He said looking at her.

"Was that a confession?" She said still looking ahead.

"Yeah." He said and was amazed at her strange question.

"Oh." She said calmly.

"Hey is that how you react to a confession." He asked in frustration.

"Then how?" She asked finally looking at him.

"Don't tell me it's the first time someone confessed to you?" He asked staring at her in suspicion. And she nodded to this.

"Yeah, so tell me what is love to you?" She asked and started walking again.

"When you care about someone and want to spend your life with them. And you?" He said while matching to her speed.

"When someone's happiness matters to you and you want to see that person happy even if it means that you have to leave them. When you stay together and look at each other for hours without even saying a word. When there's no place for selfishness among two people. That's what you call love maybe." She said after thinking for a second. He stopped walking suddenly.

"What happened?" She asked as she turned to him.

"Wow mam! You just gave me a new definition of love." He said clapping for her.

"No it's just what I read in the books." She said walking up to him.

" So what's love for you?" He asked in confusion.

"A trade in which you give your heart to someone and in return they give you pain which leaves a mark on you that never fades away." She said calmly buy he was extremely shocked at her answer. Although he felt that her answer was ironic but somehow he felt that it was a lot of pain and heartbreak that made her become what she is today. He felt that the girl standing in front of him, who is the strongest person for him was actually the one who was extremely broken from inside. Without thinking anything he stepped forward and hugged her tightly.

"Meera I don't know what made you think so or what kind of pain you went through till now but I promise that from now on no matter what happens I will always be there by your side and be your light even in peak darkness." She smiled after hearing this and hugged him back.

"Thank you. I also promise that I won't ever leave you no matter what."

They both were both feeling safe in each other's embrace. Suddenly he felt like she loosened her grip and thought of looked at her to ask her what happened but as he pulled away she fell backward. He caught her and was shocked why she suddenly fainted. He removed his one hand from her waist to shook her but as he brought it closer to her face he saw blood in his hand.....

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    《Opposite Worlds》