Opposite Worlds
21 Declared dead !!
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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21 Declared dead !!

Noah and Meera were sitting in the hospital room when the nurse suddenly came to their room.

"Are you Ms. Aisha?" She asked and Noah was going to say no. But before that Meera said yes and that nurse gave her a package and told her that someone asked her to give it to her. Meera took it and she left the room.

"Is your real name not Meera but Aisha?" He asked suspiciously.

"No it's Meera only. Aisha is my new undercover name for now." She explained.

"Okay and What's in that package?" He asked.

"Our new passports." She said and opened the package taking out the passports and flight tickets.

"How did you do this all?" He got even more confused.

"I've my sources." She said and he frowned at her response.

"Okay fine." She laughed. "I have a tracker in my watch. Because of that the trio traced us and so they sent this package to us."

"Okay now I understand everything."

"So let's leave."

"So soon!!"

"You wanna spend your life here."

And they left the hospital after paying with the money that was in the package as well. They also changed their clothes and left all their belongings in the hospital and told the doctor to give them to the people who will come there searching for them.

Later on Mr. K's men came there to check if they were there. The doctor told them that they did came there but the girl died on the way due to all the injuries and the boy died during the surgery and gave them their belongings which obviously was proof that the doctor was talking about Noah and Meera. Mr.K now began to believe that they were really dead. He was happy that he defeated his enemy.

The crowning ceremony was still 3 months away so he was going to use this time to gain supports to be the next king.

While he was celebrating his success, Meera and Noah sat in the plane which was obviously going to Paris. Also Noah carried her all the way firstly from hospital to the taxi and then from taxi to the flight as she was unable to walk and the doctor told her to not move too much as it could affect the stitches. Everyone, there was staring at them and saying that they were a really cute couple.

"They are saying that we are a cute couple," Meera said to Noah.

"I don't mind if we really are." He said with a smile.

"You're such a flirt."

"You're the first one though." And she looked away after this...more like avoided eye contact.

About the trio they went back to Asia and were now going to take care of King David and Mary and a new story is going to start there as well.

After Mr. K came back to Asia he spread the news that Noah, the upcoming King, and Meera, XX agency's best agent attempted suicide by jumping from a cliff in Australia. He accused Meera of Noah's death and said that the agency removes her name from the list as she went against the rules. The King and Princess Mary were worried by this news but the trio assured them that they both were safe and they don't have to worry. For Noah's safety, the King released the news that Princess Mary was going to take the King's position and be the queen. This angered Mr.K but he then thought that he could easily convince everyone that a girl was not good for such big responsibility.

A small spoiler: Meer and Noah are going to return back on the crowning ceremony and surprise everyone.

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    《Opposite Worlds》