Opposite Worlds
18 Running away
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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18 Running away

After hearing the name John from Meera's mouth the gun dropped from that man's hand and fell onto the ground. Seeing this reaction Meera smirked and looked at him.

"I was just making a guess I didn't expect it to be the truth!" She said.


Meera was in the palace and it was the day King showed her Mr. K's picture. The picture was actually John's. And it was the King who told her about the whole story and they both doubted that Mr. Jin was Mr. K.

*Present time*

Just now she said Uncle John just to confirm if their doubt was right or not and it actually was.

"I didn't expect you to know the whole truth so soon!" That man said and removing his hat and the mask that he wore before she woke up and threw then on the ground. His face was now visible and seeing it Meera smiled as he was Mr. Jin.

"Why did you do this?" She asked staring at him and her smile faded with it.

"Power" He said loudly. "I was not given any opportunity to even prove myself. No one ever asked what my dreams were. All dad could see was Sam. So I decided to destroy those who destroyed my dreams." He said as he walked around the room and now stood behind her.

And out of the blue he stabbed a knife in her back. She flinched due to the sudden attack. Suddenly there was a loud thud sound in the room. As they turned around they saw that the trio was there. They came inside by blasting the wall as they couldn't think of any other way to enter the house. Mr. K took the knife out of her back and intended to use her to get out by keeping her on gunpoint. But she pushed him and picked the gun from the floor and now he was on gunpoint.

"Couldn't you think of any other way to enter?" She asked the trio and they scratched their head and she understood the reason.

"Let's get out." She said as she walked to the exit, still pointing the gun at him.

"Don't dare to move." She said glaring at Mr, Jin. And they all finally got out and immediately ran to their cars.

"Are you okay?" Noah asked when she entered the car.

"OMG Meera you're bleeding so much." He almost shouted after looking at her wounds.

"Noah stay quiet, right now the most important thing is to get away from them." She said and drove really fast.

"Get them and kill them at first sight." Mr. Jin shouted at his men.

They followed their cars.

Meera told the trio to move into different directions to distract their attention and the same happened now only a few cars were following them. Little did they knew that Mr. K was in one of those cars that followed Meera's car. They shot in their car and it hit the tires.

"Shit." She said as she knew they won't be able to drive for long and also they were driving to a cliff that had a dead end at last. There was actually the ocean down that cliff's dead end.

She drove really fast but the other cars were coming very close to them and the and were also not very far now. The car was still moving to the end. The other cars stopped and Mr. Jin and his men ran towards their car. As the car could fall down anytime but suddenly she turned the car and the driver side faced the dead end. She opened the window and pulled Noah out of the car towards the water and pushed him onto the downside and now his back was towards the water and she was on top of him .Mr. Jin shot his gun towards them and the bullet into her back. Actually this was why she pushed Noah to the below. Her expression changed a bit due to the pain. He hugged her tightly and within a few seconds they fell into the water .....

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    《Opposite Worlds》